The withdrawal process from drugs and alcohol can be tough due to their addictive grasps. Adding in their normalised and high exposed presence, cutting out drugs or alcohol can be impossible for some people. Found to positively reinforce highs, the lows, the cravings, and the consequences can soon be tolerated due to the nature of addiction.

Whilst abusing drugs or alcohol, tolerances can develop for some individuals, inducing physical and psychological changes. Due to such internal changes, it can become harder and harder to lower consumption levels and to stop all exposure.

Although alone it may feel impossible, understanding, suppressing, and managing the effects of substance abuse is possible with professional and medical help. Through various treatments and therapies, tolerances can be lowered, exposure can be controlled, and internal processes can be restored, to cope without drugs and alcohol.

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Through private rehab, immediate, personalised, and proven addiction treatments can be accessed and worked through. Whilst outpatient treatment on the NHS is also an option, delays and inconsistencies are expected, making it harder to get started with addiction recovery.

Withdrawal, followed by further treatments can start your journey with our help here at Nova Recovery, offering direct access into a drug and alcohol rehab in Kinghorn. Contact our admissions team on 01475 303998 for more information on how our private recovery hospital can help you through addiction recovery.

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Addiction treatment help

Without professional intervention, and addiction treatment, relapse risks are high through drug and alcohol problems. As internal and external changes are likely, by accommodating the effects of substance abuse, it can be difficult to stop urges and cravings.

The fact that many different types of drugs are normalised and heavily promoted doesn’t help. Aiming to ignore exposure, whilst influenced by such opinions and environments can be testing.

To work through internal feelings, personal triggers and external influences, professional addiction treatment is instead recommended. Delivering the resources to promote withdrawal and control, a wide range of treatments and therapies can be experienced through rehab. With the right environment also in place, tools can be harnessed and fully embraced, helping to progress change and recovery.

Finding and checking into a CQC drug and alcohol rehab in Kinghorn will make recovery possible. Addiction treatment help is personalised and will accommodate your needs whilst overcoming the addictiveness of alcohol and drugs.


How does rehab work?

Rehab is professionally led, designed with evidence in mind. It brings together medical, holistic, and mental health treatments, to offer a bespoke and thorough approach to recovery. Individual circumstances are fully respected, offering the safest and most effective forms of addiction treatment.

With access to a dedicated team of nursing experts and medical professionals, suitable advice and support can also be benefited from throughout rehab. Delivering a reassuring recovery process, CQC standards will be offered through our safe and fully accredited rehab programmes.

Our facilities are both clinical yet comfortable here at Nova Recovery, providing the best space to reside in. Residential rehabilitation acts as a safe space, a meeting point and a community whilst escaping drug and alcohol exposure.

Via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Kinghorn, a comprehensive programme can be arranged by completing the admissions process. A 28-day residential rehabilitation programme can then be committed to, offering support across the process of addiction recovery.

Help and treatment can also be experienced on an outpatient basis, which is arranged and funded by the NHS. Yet as delays are expected, it can be a challenging programme to complete whilst battling an addiction.

It is very important to weigh up all possible treatment options via drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet here at Nova Recovery, we will deliver the most beneficial for your needs.


What happens during drug and alcohol rehab?

A range of bespoke and necessary steppingstones are promoted throughout drug and alcohol rehab. Necessary steppingstones will motivate withdrawal, rehabilitation, and long-term recovery, whilst bespoke steppingstones focus on wellbeing and mental health. Various treatments and therapies are recommended across each step to influence progress.

Assessments, observations, and one-to-one care will be offered throughout rehab to secure the most effective and safe treatment services. Working alongside our dedicated team, our clients will be supported across the 28-day residential treatment programme, followed by 12 months of inclusive aftercare.

Withdrawal is the first steppingstone, which is a medically assisted treatment. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kinghorn, the most suitable environment will be provided, to safely work through withdrawal symptoms. Medical intervention will be promoted where necessary, including prescription drugs and supportive therapies.

Therapy is the next focus of rehab for the majority of our clients, helping to inspire emotional rebuild. Our sessions are designed to improve mental health, boost accountability, and to also support family members and friends. Individual, family and group therapy sessions are recommended.

Planning will stand as the final steppingstone of rehabilitation, delivering the tools and motivations to remain on track. Our treatment plans promote relapse prevention sessions, educational services, a wide range of resources and support with lifestyle management. Goal setting will also be important, to plan for a progressive transition post-rehab.

Bespoke sessions will be included throughout each step to tackle individual symptoms, responses, and triggers. Mental health problems, dual diagnosis, and physical illness can all be addressed and treated.


Treatments and therapies at Nova Recovery

Over a 28-day residential rehab programme, a wide range of treatment services will be recommended. They will be recommended on a per-client basis to make sure that individual needs and responses can be catered to. Common recommendations whilst treating drug and alcohol addiction/mental health issues include:

  • Therapy sessions, underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and a wealth of one-to-one counselling sessions
  • Drug and alcohol detoxification, medically assisted by our nursing teams
  • Support groups and social activities
  • Dual diagnosis treatments, to treat mental health issues
  • Relapse prevention planning, to educate clients and plan for long-term sobriety
  • Holistic therapies to improve wellbeing and lifestyle choices
  • Free aftercare services over a 12-month period in Kinghorn


How long is rehab?

By checking into private rehab, the average residential stay lasts 4 weeks. Across a 28-day timeframe, essential steppingstones can be worked through along with some bespoke recommendations. Depending on personal needs, additional treatment may be required, prolonging the average timescale. Aftercare in Kinghorn will then be recommended for all of our clients, available for 12 months post-rehab.

Outpatient treatment will offer a different recovery process, as it’s a slower yet flexible service. It can take up to 6 months to complete outpatient treatment yet can incur even further delays due to NHS demands.


Cost of rehab programmes

Private rehab can cost between £3,000 and £10,000, all down to the amount, type and quality of treatment that’s completed. Location, the specialism of a rehab clinic and the available services can also increase the cost of drug and alcohol rehab.

Programmes via private rehab are flexible and adaptable, which can be worked around individual budgets. By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kinghorn, an affordable rehab programme will be accessible to you.

Alternatively, NHS funded plans can be accessed for free. Yet as they take longer to complete, many of our clients instead prefer the reassuring and reliable nature of our private addiction recovery hospital.


How to find a rehab in Kinghorn?

Selecting a local rehab clinic will be possible here at Nova Recovery. By completing our admissions process, we can help you arrange and secure your recovery journey.

Contact our helpline to reside in a drug and alcohol rehab in Kinghorn or to receive further information on addiction treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access drug and alcohol rehab in Kinghorn?

Nova Recovery treatment services are ready and waiting to help you get set up in our state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehab centre so that you can start overcoming your drug and/or alcohol addiction through the best possible addiction treatments.

However, one of the hardest things that an addict can do is actually reach out for help when they need it most. Admitting that you have an issue is never easy, but the fact that you are here suggests that you have already made this admission to yourself. The next step is to pick up the phone or even send us a message, only then can we help you get the assistance you need.

Does rehab work?

Professional rehabilitation works in a multitude of different ways. The blend of physical and psychological addiction treatment alongside being in an environment that is detached from your normal day-to-day life are all critical to how rehab works.

However, for rehabilitation to truly work, you must be prepared to make necessary changes to yourself. If you’re ready to change your life to overcome your addiction, then drug and alcohol rehab will work for you.

What is medically-assisted detox?

Withdrawal is a very dangerous process. Therefore, a medically-assisted detox is a course of physical addiction treatment implemented at the rehabilitation centres we refer clients to. As the name suggests, medically-assisted detox sees a person experiencing withdrawal receive medical treatment in order to manage any side effects that the alcohol detox and/or drug detox causes them to present with. The medication the patient receives will be carefully prescribed depending upon their medical history as well as the addiction which they are presently overcoming.