Addiction recovery is workable through both outpatient and inpatient rehab. The NHS provides a wealth of support and treatment options to conveniently recover from addiction. Yet, accessing and experiencing outpatient rehab to this magnitude can be tough, delaying such a recovery process.

Treatment, support and services via inpatient, private rehab are available immediately, to promote an efficient recovery journey.

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Weighing up your time, energy, needs, concentration, and personal tolerances will be very important to decide between NHS care or that of a drug and alcohol rehab in Viewpark, boasting a range of quality services.

Nova Recovery is a local, reputable option for the latter, offering an intimate private recovery hospital designed for addiction rehabilitation. Experience the peace, assurance, and credibility of such a treatment programme, accessible through private means.

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Private Rehabilitation Services

Services of addiction treatment, support and aftercare can be encountered through outpatient and inpatient rehab. However, the scope, detail, pace, and comprehensiveness of such services will differ between both.

Accessing support via the NHS will provide exposure to generic treatment services and emotional guidance. Both standing as essential to recover from an addiction, a basis of recovery can be achieved. However, via private rehabilitation, a wealth of generic services will be met with niche, personalised and nice-to-have offerings, delivering inpatient rehab’s quality, contents, and depth.

Also immediately available and continuing through a consistent programme, services through a private rehab clinic are targeted and proactive, ensuring that urgency and determination can be felt behind the rehabilitation process. Such urgency is difficult to experience through the NHS, with services in demand, delaying accessibility and causing inconsistency across treatment.

Private rehabilitation services include medical and holistic treatment services, mental health support, family drug support, relapse prevention planning, lifestyle and well-being support, aftercare, and an all-around positive focus on recovery. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Viewpark, expectations of such services will be high.


Services Via A Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Viewpark

The offering of inpatient rehab will be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Viewpark. Although we are both a mental health and addiction recovery private hospital at Nova Recovery, we offer a comprehensive encounter of rehabilitation.

Experienced over a 30-day timeframe, inpatient rehab services will be clinically and holistically led to benefit health, wellbeing, and recovery. Offering personalised recommendations and steppingstones, the expected rehabilitation milestones can be worked through, following aftercare, relapse prevention, discharge planning and addiction maintenance.

Our services predominantly focus on our treatments and therapies, as they motivate the change required to withdraw from and overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Yet through private drug and alcohol rehab, we also offer additional services to ease the experience, enhance health and strengthen long-term recovery.


Treating A Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Our treatments and therapies as a private hospital are all safe, accredited, evidence-based, and effective through addiction recovery. On arrival to rehab, a personal programme of services will be formed to work through the below milestones of inpatient rehab.

Detoxification process
Detoxing will be necessary through drug and alcohol abuse to cut off their influence and effects. This far, drugs and alcohol may be offering positive effects by associating with the internal reward system. Yet, it’s also likely that negative effects will be experienced through the symptoms and adaptations of addiction.

A detoxification process will work to relieve the negative while restoring the positives through organic, substance-free processes. Completed safely through inpatient rehab, drug and alcohol withdrawal can be medically fulfilled.

Therapy options
Talking therapies take up a large proportion of inpatient rehab, as the strongest connections to drugs and alcohol are found in mind. Suitable therapy options will be recommended, understand emotions, adapt outlooks and form new, healthy habits.

Options including individual therapy, stress management, family therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment will be available.

Relapse prevention
The service of relapse prevention planning is extremely valuable to help with life after rehab. Working with a dedicated team, plans will be made to personally prevent the risks of relapse through life back in Viewpark. Considering lifestyle choices, personal triggers, and coping strategies will be the case through this service.

Planning for life after rehab is essential to ensure that the value of inpatient recovery can be transferred over into everyday life.


What Happens After Rehab In Viewpark?

Aftercare will be an available service, continuing the standards and privacy of inpatient rehab, yet conveniently on an outpatient basis. Through a local drug and alcohol rehab in Viewpark, aftercare treatments, including group therapy and support group sessions, along with individual sessions, will be allocated to ease and strengthen recovery.

Such comprehensiveness will only be available through inpatient residential addiction treatment programmes, offering support and services throughout initial recovery. Encountering inpatient support will be possible at Nova Recovery via our equipped private hospital, offering rehabilitation programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is life like after rehab?

Life after rehab can initially feel overwhelming, as significant change will have occurred throughout addiction recovery. It is however a positive time, to truly work on sustaining sobriety and turning such lifestyle into the norm. With ongoing support, life after rehab can be fulfilling.

What is outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab is commonly delivered through the NHS, standing as a moderate programme of treatment and support. It’s offered on an outpatient basis, meaning that recovery is a longer process, worked into everyday life. It can be difficult to experience this while tackling the symptoms of addiction, highlighting the recommendation of inpatient rehab.

How do I achieve sobriety?

Sobriety will be the end goal of rehab, achieved through detoxification and a range of treatment services. Such efforts will however need to continue after rehab, to maintain minimal exposure of drugs and alcohol.

Work towards sobriety with our support at Nova Recovery, ideal through selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Viewpark.