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Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is not a simple issue of being unable to stop using certain drugs or alcohol. It is a complicated medical condition that is caused by substance abuse changing how your brain works.

There are two main types of addictions:

Addictions that only affect your mind, such as cannabis addiction or gambling addiction. These kinds of addictions are caused by your brain producing dopamine which is the chemical responsible for you experiencing pleasure.

Over time your brain begins to believe that they need to continue in order to produce any dopamine at all. And it causes you to experience cravings and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety when you go too long without.

The other type of addiction is a chemical addiction which physically alters your body’s chemistry. This includes drugs such as heroin and alcohol. In this case, your brain is also getting the rush of dopamine, and your body is being exposed to a foreign chemical that, over time, it will get used to.

The danger of chemical addiction and not a mental one is that you will experience withdrawal symptoms should you fail to satisfy your cravings.

Withdrawal symptoms under the right circumstances can be very dangerous and can even be life-threatening if left untreated.

The withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Mood swings
  • Aggression
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Paranoia
  • Muscle spasms and pain
  • Diarrhoea
  • Light sensitivity
  • Hot flashes and chills
  • Hives
  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

However, withdrawal symptoms are not the only danger associated with addiction.

Regular substance abuse can be very dangerous, leading to many mental and physical problems in the long term. The sooner you deal with your addiction, the less of a risk you are for any of the following issues:

  • Liver or kidney failure
  • Brain or lung damage
  • Loss of teeth
  • Psychosis
  • Heart damage
  • Danger of overdose
  • Risk of stroke
  • Higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS
  • Higher risk of some cancers
  • Higher risk of hepatitis B and C

That is without even considering the risk of being arrested due to the substance you are addicted to or any risk you put yourself in while high or drunk.

Addiction can easily lead to isolation from loved ones, loss of your job and homelessness – it can cause a multitude of problems unless you get help from a drug or alcohol rehab facility and you need to start living sober from substance abuse.

At Nova Recovery, we want to enable you to take control back over your addiction so that you can keep yourself safe even long after you have left the rehab centre – call us today on 01475 303998.


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Benefits of Private Rehab Treatment

With private drug and alcohol rehab treatment, you have the benefit of being seen as a person, not a patient.

While the NHS does what it can, the mental health sector, of which rehab is a part, is more underfunded and overstretched than ever.

This means that while you would be able to get treatment, it would be rushed as so many other people also need the help of the overworked nurses. In private rehab treatment, the staff are able to take their time and talk through your problems.

They can offer you a more well-rounded support plan based on what they know about you, not what resources they have available.

You are also given the option to choose the kind of treatment experience you want.

You are already getting better quality treatments that are more easily accessed, so you keep as much power as possible during this vulnerable time.

The treatments at a private rehab are also much more intensive and linear as they are often done residentially and can be done one after the other. This often leads to a more successful recovery process as you don’t have to keep stopping and starting.

Finally, one of the best things that come out of a private rehab centre is the aftercare services available that can make sure your progress continues even after you have left the centre.

The aftercare services can include a referral for further therapy sessions to monitor your progress, a referral to a local support group in the Ardrossan area and a relapse prevention plan that is designed specifically for you and your needs.


Detox and Therapy

You will likely start your treatments with a detox.

The detox is simply the process of your body naturally ridding itself of all toxins in its system. This includes all drugs and alcohol.

During the detox, you will experience some withdrawal symptoms as your body is weaned off your substance of choice. But you have nothing to worry about. The detox in a rehab centre is perfectly safe.

You will be monitored 24 hours a day over the ten days it takes for the detox.

You will be kept as safe and as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, the supervising medical staff will be able to provide you with medication to relieve your withdrawal symptoms before they progress to the point of danger.

The detox will prevent you from experiencing withdrawal symptoms again so long as you avoid drugs and alcohol.

It also frees you of the distraction of cravings so that you can focus on your next treatment, therapy.

There are a few types of therapy you may be given during your rehab, and they are:

  • Holistic/art therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Motivational interviewing

These will help you to learn how to manage your addiction and avoid temptation.


Our Admissions Process

Our admissions team is available 24/7 to help you with any enquires.

All you have to do is book in for a pre-admissions screening where we can assess your needs and help make a plan of action.

Following this, you will be able to book in to begin your treatments.

You can find more information on our admissions process here or by calling a member of our admissions team on 01475 303998.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are rehab staff all qualified?

All staff at our alcohol and drug rehab centres are experienced and fully qualified. Our service is led by a doctor, alongside a nurse manager, clinical nurse specialist, mental health nurse therapists, and support therapists.

How do I enquire about rehab?

You can call us today on 01457 303998, email or contact us via the online form. We can offer expert advice with no obligation and in complete confidence. If it’s a loved one you’re worried about we can also offer advice and friend and family referrals and the potential for a family intervention.

What happens after rehab?

Your recovery journey is not over the moment the doors of the rehab centre close behind you. We consider aftercare to be a very important part of relapse prevention, which is why we offer free 12-month aftercare programmes to everyone completing a stay in our rehab facilities. Cravings can strike and everyone can face a moment of temptation, but it is far easier to resist if you have a good support network and aftercare plan in place.