Visiting a private recovery hospital, offering drug and alcohol rehabilitation will provide access to a timeline of recovery steps, necessary and important to fulfil.

Starting with an assessment and admission process, entering inpatient rehab will be a proactive and reliable beginning, offering the availability of personalisation. Safely advancing through to the detoxification process, the step of withdrawal can be aimed at, offering 24/7 medical assistance.

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Now focusing on psychological recovery, such a timeline will move through a range of addiction treatment services, ending with outpatient aftercare services, securing change, healthy coping, and sustainable planning.

Possible to complete over a residential addiction treatment programme, lasting 30 days, such privacy and progression can be experienced via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bellshill. Access a personal yet clinically-led programme here at Nova Recovery, a leading and local addiction recovery hospital.

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Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Steps

There are four key steps to the rehabilitation timeline, which must be completed in order to work towards sobriety. Within such steps, personalisation will be found, as every addiction diagnosis is different, requiring a specific approach and combination of services.

Assessment and admission: This is the first step, helping to secure the appropriateness of drug and alcohol rehabilitation on an inpatient basis. An assessment will take place of physical and psychological health, along with the severity of drug and alcohol abuse. This information will help to form advice and the next best steps, including admission into rehab.

Detoxification: The common timeline of drug and alcohol rehabilitation will then advance towards the detoxification step, focusing on safe withdrawal. Working through medically recommended structures, by reducing drug and alcohol exposure, detoxing will be possible, both comfortably and safely.

Addiction treatment: Inpatient rehab will then progress towards addiction treatment recommendations, which is where personalisation thrives. A range of treatments and therapies will be advised, to support the psychological process of addiction recovery. Here is where relapse prevention and planning for the future will begin, by considering coping strategies, mental health, and habits.

AftercareAftercare efforts finalise the timeline of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, a set of treatments that are recommended to ease post-rehab life. For 1 year, aftercare is offered through support groups and therapy settings, to ingrain positive behaviours and motivations.

The above steps are the basics of inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation, helping to motivate the right degree of recovery from addiction. Completing the first three over a 30-day programme is likely, subsequently followed by convenient aftercare, all offered here at Nova Recovery.


Experiencing A Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Bellshill

The steps of rehab can be encountered through a professional, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Bellshill. There are many benefits of this treatment option, firstly securing the possibility of a completed programme. Unfortunately, through outpatient rehab and the demands surrounding such services, many individuals do struggle to complete the entirety of rehab due to the longer process that follows. On an inpatient basis, offered here from our private hospital, assurance of completion is high.

Experiences via inpatient rehab will also be positive, comfortable, and extremely private, helping to ease each step and increase focus across the 30 days.

As the steps of rehabilitation can pose as challenging for some, for example, the withdrawal symptoms attached to detoxification, the level of medical care throughout inpatient rehab is highly safe and secure. 24/7 support is available across each step, provided by clinical nurses, leading psychiatrists, and recovery teams.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bellshill will not only promote a productive experience but also an accomplished and fulfilling experience of recovery.


Dynamic Of A Private Hospital

Visiting a private hospital for addiction recovery will be very different to an NHS hospital. From our hospital here at Nova Recovery, you can expect a private and professional dynamic, yet a personalised and comfortable stay.

Our standards and regulations are extremely important to ensure that our clients are safe and healthy while completing inpatient rehabilitation. We also uphold privacy to ensure that comfort and peace can be felt throughout each step.

Our environments, teams and services are however personable, highly compassionate, and homely to ensure that leaving home in Bellshill, for 30 days, will be doable.

Throughout your stay, you’ll have your own space, you’ll have your own treatment programme to follow, and you’ll have a dedicated team to help you through the steps of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Addiction Treatment And Aftercare

Treatments and therapies are invaluable throughout the steps of rehab. Detoxification and psychological recovery are focused on through inpatient care, working through a range of suitable addiction treatment services. Residential addiction treatment will include a drug and alcohol detox, cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, and a range of holistic services.

Relapse prevention will also be included within such steps, to strengthen confidence and direction, ready for post-rehab reality. At this point, aftercare treatment will be available through outpatient services, carrying over support group sessions and individual therapy services. Found to improve susceptibility and reduce relapse vulnerabilities, aftercare is free here for 12 months.

For more information about our therapies, and those that you can expect to complete through the steps of rehab, reach out. Our private addiction recovery hospital is ready to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recover without rehab?

Realistically, recovery is very tough without professional support as working through the necessary steps of detoxification, psychological recovery and relapse prevention planning will be lacking. It’s essential to recover on physical and psychological levels, which cannot be done from home or through a generic detox process.

To recover and sustain recovery, rehab will be a recommendation.

What are the most common treatments for addiction?

Treatments for addiction can vary due to the nature and severity of symptoms, triggers, and outcomes. However, commonly, detoxification, therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, holistic therapies, and support groups will be recommended.

Will sober living increase my overall health?

Most definitely, as balance and stability will resume. Drugs and alcohol are also highly toxic to the body and mind. Health and wellbeing will improve by getting clean and maintaining sobriety.

Work through the steps of rehabilitation from a drug and alcohol rehab in Bellshill, offered on an inpatient basis here at Nova Recovery.