To get treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in Midlothian you can either access local resources through the community or stay in our rehab centre in Scotland.

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Getting Addiction Treatment in Midlothian?

You can get treatment for drug and alcohol addictions in Midlothian through community resources or by staying in a private residential rehab clinic.

If you are from Penicuik, Dalkeith, Bonyrigg or any of the border towns we will explain exactly how to access these resources.

Local Resources

There are a few medical centres around Midlothian, you can book an appointment at your local Surgery and your general practitioner can advise on what treatment services are available free through the NHS or he may refer you to outpatient support.

You can also access the Midlothian Substance misuse service. These can also advise on outpatient support in the community and provide advice on homelessness and other social factors that may be have an influence on your addiction.

Treatment is provided as an outpatient, this means you will access the services at certain points for therapy or for opiate substitutes, but your recovery will happen at home and in the community.

You can call the Midlothian Misuse team on 0131 285 9600

Our Rehab

Our rehab centre is on the west coast of Scotland and a short 1 hour 50 minute drive away from Midlothian.

This option involves staying in our rehab for a period of time and completing a medically assisted detox under the supervision of addiction specialists.

You can access our private rehab straight away with 48 hours after making contact and you will be placed on a tailored drug rehabilitation programme.

Benefits of Our Private Rehab

  • Medically Assisted Detox
  • Highly Confidential
  • Private Room
  • Private Wash Facilities
  • Personalised Rehab Programme
  • Safe, Secure Setting
  • All Inclusive Care
  • Large Range of Addiction Therapeutics
  • One to One Counselling
  • Full Time Support From Mental Health Specialists

Nova Recovery Rehab Hospital


Drug Addictions Treated

We provide addiction treatment for the following addictions here in Scotland:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Crystal Meth Addiction
  • Benzo Addictions

This list in non exhaustive and a sample of the more common addiction we treat here at our rehab centre.


How Much Does Rehab Cost?

If you access care through the community this is normally provided through your local council and is a free resource.

If you stay in a dedicated private rehab facility costs can range upwards of £2000 depending on the length of your visit.

Some people stay at rehab for one week other people may need to stay in rehab for one month depending on the seriousness of your addiction.

Should I stay in Midlothian for Treatment?

If you have a mild addiction then staying in Midlothian and getting help through community resources can be of benefit. The downside is that some people struggle to quit an addiction if they do not remove themselves from their environment.

If you have an alcohol dependence or have been abusing drugs over a long period of time, a private rehab would be the preferred choice.

It would be safer to undertake your drug detoxification under 24 hour supervision and the range of therapies provided are superior and more intensive the community-based programs