Here at Nova Recovery, we specialise in ensuring people overcome their addictive disorders effectively, with understanding, and in an appropriately timely manner.

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By joining our drug and alcohol rehab Dunbar, you’re taking the first step towards turning your life around and creating a future free from alcohol and drug abuse. Overcoming your battle with drug and alcohol addiction is a complex process, but with the dedicated support and expertise of our addiction rehab, you can achieve your long-term recovery goals. Once you’ve made the brave decision to contact our admissions team, we can talk you through the various treatment options available and answer any queries you may have about our abuse treatment.

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Are you suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction and need help? If so, Nova Recovery are leading UK based experts in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today.

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Our Admissions Process

If you’re happy to proceed with our rehab centre in Dunbar, then we will arrange a pre-screening assessment to review your physical and psychological health and to get to you know you better. This is a great opportunity to ask anymore questions about our addiction treatment but also for us to understand the nature of your drug and alcohol addiction so that we can tailor your treatment plan to benefit your unique needs.

This admission process generally takes around 48 hours from our first contact to commencing your addiction treatment at our rehab centre in Dunbar. This quick turnaround is true of most private addiction rehabs, whereas with addiction treatment funded by the NHS, you’ll be added to a long waiting list, potentially waiting for months to begin your abuse treatment which can be detrimental to your overall recovery.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatments

At our drug and alcohol rehab centre in Dunbar, we offer a fully personalised addiction treatment service for every person who walks through our doors. Our exceptional team of recovery workers dedicate their time to helping your every step of the way until you reach your goal of long-term recovery. Firstly, we’ll discuss the treatment options available to you and assess your physical and psychological health before welcoming you into our rehab centre. We’ll then ensure you’re completely settled in before starting your treatment plan which is likely to begin with a drug or alcohol detoxification. Whilst a detox can be an uncomfortable experience, we believe it’s an integral part of your rehabilitation as it’s the most effective way to remove the harmful toxins from your system, giving your body and mind the opportunity to rest and cleanse.

Upon successful completion of your drug or alcohol detox, you’ll move onto the remainder of your tailored treatment plan. This will feature a carefully selected combination of psychological and well-being therapies to help you along your road to recovery. Our expert team will help to maintain your motivation, monitor your progress, and make any adjustments as necessary as you work through your psychological and well-being therapies.

Some of our most common psychological therapies include individual, group, or family counselling, stress management, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). These are delivered alongside our well-being therapies inclusive of mindfulness, yoga, art therapy, relaxation and sleep management, low lever laser therapy, nutritional supplement therapy, and music therapy.


Outpatient vs Residential Rehab

When searching for a rehab centre, you’ll first need to decide whether outpatient rehab or residential rehab is best for you. One treatment option may work best for one person but not the other so it’s completely dependent on the nature of your addiction and on your own personal circumstances. As an outpatient, you’ll visit our rehab centre in Dunbar each day and return home for the evening, whereas with residential rehab, you’ll stay overnight at our drug and alcohol rehab throughout your addiction treatment.

Some of the downsides to outpatient treatment are that by remaining within your familiar environment of home, you’re more likely to be faced with negative influences whilst still managing the stress of daily life. However, outpatient treatment offers more flexibility so this could be the better option for you depending on your circumstances.

Residential rehab means that you’ll stay overnight at our rehab centre, benefiting from 24/7 support and motivation from our team of recovery workers. Again, this may be more or less suited to your own needs; you can discuss both options with our admissions team.


Recovery process after Rehab

To achieve a long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction you must follow up your addiction rehab with a tailored aftercare plan. All of our clients receive 12 months free aftercare inclusive of dedicated helplines, access to local support groups and ongoing therapy sessions such as CBT or counselling as needed. Continuing your recovery journey at home with the support of our team is key to the success of your rehabilitation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common signs of drug or alcohol addiction?

Drug and alcohol addiction will affect each individual in different ways, however, there are some common signs which may indicate that you require the support of a drug and alcohol rehab. These signs could include always feeling tired, frequent mood swings, consuming more alcohol or drugs to feel a stronger high/intoxication, being unable to say no to the substance, being dishonest, appearing pale and unwell, and being less interested in activities or socialisation.

Where can I find suitable rehab?

Here at Nova Recovery, we have a selection of rehab centres with various treatment options to suit all budgets. We can help you to find the most effective treatment plan for your personal circumstances with options for residential rehab or outpatient rehab.

What is our aftercare process?

Following a tailored drug and alcohol aftercare plan is just as important as your addiction treatment programme. Once you’ve successfully completed your detoxification along with well-being and psychological therapies at our addiction rehab, you will continue your recovery journey at home with the support of our dedicated aftercare team. All of our clients will receive a free 12-month aftercare plan including dedicated helplines and access to local support networks such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous where you can take part in group counselling.