There are a number of different factors to consider before you begin your rehab journey. From selecting a suitable drug and alcohol rehab hospital, and securing a fitting rehab programme, to deciding on the delivery of rehab, it can be an engulfing experience.

Living with an addiction is overpowering, as is rehab in certain ways. With this in mind, your admission process and initial recovery steps shouldn’t be.

To ease this important time for you, and help you make quicker decisions, below we’ve shared some commonly asked questions around drug and alcohol rehab.

We cover a range of areas from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Perth, to the cost of rehab and the reliability of your potential recovery results.

By reading the below, we hope that you’ll soon be on your way to visiting our rehab hospital here at Nova Recovery, offering enough distance from Perth to fully rehabilitate.


Should I overlook visiting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Perth?

If you’re suffering from a physical and psychological drug and alcohol addiction, through experience, residential rehab will be advised. Yet, by this, we mean, residential rehab at a distance from your current home.

With this in mind, if you are truly suffering, requiring the full features of rehab, yes, you should overlook visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Perth.

In some rare cases, remaining local can benefit addiction recovery. Those who experience minimal triggers or have significant support from family members can cope with the familiarity of a Perth based rehab hospital. However, for most, familiarity will be too much, resulting in damaging disruptions.

As we hope for seamless, progressive and singular rehab experiences for our clients, we fully recommend residential rehab here in Largs. Here you’ll benefit from distance, from the ability to eliminate those triggers by changing your recovery environment.

Before investing, if you’re unsure whether localised or residential rehab will suit you best, you should reach out for professional guidance. Most pre-rehab assessments will highlight optimal delivery options for rehab.

You can find yours here at Nova Recovery.


How can I overcome the influence of local Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Unfortunately, there are significant influences linked to drug and alcohol abuse, currently present in Scotland. The country in fact ranks as one of the most heightened areas for drug-related crime and deaths.

With this in mind, we can understand why many individuals fall within the trap of drug and alcohol abuse. We can also recognise the concerns linked to those environmental influences, and how they can impact recovery.

This is exactly why residential rehab, set sway from Perth will support you, as you’ll be removed from your exact influences. While drug and alcohol abuse may be present within the Largs area, you’ll feel disconnected, as your usual triggers will be removed.

The best way you can rise above local drug and alcohol abuse is by removing yourself for a life-changing experience of rehab. Via a reputable rehab hospital, you will learn coping strategies and ways to overcome future effects from those influences in Perth.


What will be included in my Rehab Programme?

Your rehab programme will ultimately direct your residential experience. It will include factors such as the length and strength of rehab, recommended for you on a personal basis. It will also include addiction treatment recommendations, again based on your requirements via rehab.

This can include treatment options which are well known, such as CBT and detoxification, and some contemporary methods, such as art therapy and dual-diagnosis treatment. It will also define recovery milestones for you, along with post-rehab planning, such as relapse prevention.

Rehab programmes act as a roadmap to long-term recovery. It will be in place for you to follow while you advance through drug and alcohol rehab. All details will be formed on your admission into rehab, ensuring that your programme is safe, suitable and sustainable.


How much will my Rehab Programme cost?

The cost of rehab will differ for every client. Factors which will contribute to your investment will include the length of your rehab programme, recommended addiction treatment options, and ongoing support you may require beyond aftercare.

It is important to note that although we are a private drug and alcohol rehab, we stand as an affordable option, ensuring that high-quality care can be accessed by the majority. We understand the demand for professional care, especially in areas such as Perth.

With this in mind, your investment will rank as worthwhile, helping you recover through the most optimal form of rehab.


Are Recovery Results Reliable?

On your admission into rehab, potential recovery results can be communicated. This is also the case throughout your rehab programme, down to the progress you make. It is however important to remember that recovery is in your hands.

While steps are in place via rehab to guide you and offer the necessary structure to withdraw and overcome a drug and alcohol addiction, long-term recovery is controlled by yourself.

With this in mind, we can use previous experiences and advise you on the next best steps to reach long-term recovery.

Yet, your actions, especially post-rehab will dictate your ability to remain drug and alcohol-free, back in Perth.

Rehab is a progressive experience. For those who commit, rehab is a worthwhile process to invest in. You will also be supported post-rehab via aftercare services, helping to secure the reliability of long-term recovery.

Yet, you must take responsibility for your future. This is your chance to rehabilitate from drugs and alcohol. Experience the value of long-term recovery by committing for the future.

For reassurance, contact our team today to run through your personal questions around drug and alcohol rehab.

While selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Perth itself may feel like the easier step, we promise you that residential rehab will be best suited, helping you grow away from local influences.