Your best chance of making a full recovery from addiction is by attending a drug and alcohol rehab. If you are interested in finding out more about how Nova Recovery can help you make a full recovery from your addiction, get in touch with us today to find out more.

Why Choose Rehab?

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction rehab may be just the treatment for you. If you have struggled for a while, if you have wanted to kick the habit but just cannot find the strength, if you have tried to quit before time and time again, but just cannot break the cycle of using, then rehab maybe just for you.

There are of course other options available to somebody struggling with addiction, however, rehab is the most successful at treating addictions. You mustn’t take recovery lightly. Recovery is a life-long decision and must be taken very seriously.

Your GP may be able to help you decide which path to go down on your recovery route. Some choose self-help groups, they are especially helpful for when you leave residential treatment.

Rehab may sound very daunting; any path to recovery will be unnerving. However, rehab is a fantastic way to receive treatment with all the support you could possibly need, both physically and mentally.


What to Expect When Attending a Rehab Facility

While in rehab you will free your body of all the substances, ready for recovery, this is called detox. During detox, you will have a team of medical professionals observe you and treat you with medications to make your detoxing process more comfortable and to keep you safe.

While detoxing you will be put on a specific diet to give your body all the nutrients it craves while you are freeing your body. After detox, you will go through counselling and many treatment options available to you and your specific needs. You will have a personalised treatment program to suit you and will learn to cope with life after addiction.

During your stay, you will attend wellbeing sessions, talk therapy, coping sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy and more.

Even when leaving rehab, you will be supported by an aftercare team to get a job, somewhere to live, to attend groups where you may find like-minded individuals that will not influence you back into addiction. You will be assisted in finding support groups and even carry on talk therapies to keep you positive and strong.


How Long Will I Be Staying in Rehab?

The time you spend in a residential rehab completely depends on the person. It depends on the severity of the addiction, the state of their mental health and so on. A typical stay in rehab is anything from 7 to 90 days. Some rehabs will do a 28-day stay treatment program.

Your recovery does not stop after 90 days. The aftercare will continue, as will your recovery journey.

The detox stage can take anything from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the severity of use. If someone is heavily dependent on drugs or alcohol, the chances are they will need much longer in detox than somebody with a slightly milder addiction.

There are a few factors that should help decide how long to stay in rehab.

  • The severity of your condition. If you have a more severe addiction you should stay longer.
  • Your financial situation. How long you stay also depends on what you can afford.
  • How you function. If you can still work you may not need to stay quite as long.

If you are still not well enough after 90 days you may need to stay longer. Some people can spend over a year in rehab. This completely depends on the person, the severity of their addiction, their state of mind and the state of their mental health.


Can I Be Visited In Rehab?

Most rehab hospitals welcome visits from family and friends. This is usually something the therapists will want to work on as part of your recovery.

Learning to reconnect and rebuild relationships and trust is a big part of overcoming addiction, as relationships are often damaged and disconnected.

Visits from family and friends are beneficial for both the person recovering and also their loved ones.

It gives a chance for family and friends to be educated and learn about their loved one’s addiction and why they have not been well. This will help with worry, anxiety and any anger and upset the addiction has caused.

Rebuilding relationships is vital when it comes to addiction recovery. There are of course rules and restrictions to rehab visits. For instance, someone who has heavily influenced the person to use drugs or alcohol would be forbidden from visiting.

There may also be times when the person in recovery needs space and time to think and may not want visits for a time.

Sometimes people will dread being away from a pet which is also a concern to their mental wellbeing. Pets may not be allowed to stay permanently but will be allowed to visit.


Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hospital in Buteshire

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