Do you feel like your drug or alcohol addiction is ruining your life? You don’t have to feel like your addiction is controlling you; there is a way out of it. Our rehab in Inverness can help you to overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs permanently. We understand the struggles that addiction presents, from your physical and psychological health suffering, to damaging relationships with family and friends, it’s a destructive cycle and one that you need to break out of immediately. Call our rehab centre today on 0147 530 3039 and take the first step towards achieving long-term recovery.

How can drug and alcohol rehabilitation benefit you?

Unless you join a rehabilitation programme, it’s very likely that you’ll continue to suffer from the vicious effects of drug or alcohol addiction. If left untreated, your addiction will only become more intense and cause potentially life-threatening illnesses or diseases which you can’t recover from. This is why it’s imperative that you seek help at our rehab in Inverness straight away.

You may have attempted to recover from your addiction to alcohol or drugs before and failed. We know how disheartening this can be but unless you’ve joined a residential rehab centre like ours, you haven’t given yourself the best opportunity to recover. Our experienced team of medical experts understand that addiction is both a physical and psychological behavioural illness which can’t be fixed with medication alone. Addiction is a habit, rooted in your behaviours which need rewiring.  Without a structured, personalised treatment programme to suit your unique needs, you’re unlikely to achieve long-term recovery.

Residential treatment centres have the greatest recovery rate, this is for a number of reasons. Firstly, you’re removing yourself from your comfort zone where you’re used to abusing alcohol or drugs. By staying at our rehab in Inverness, you’re away from the negative influences or distractions of daily life, allowing recovery to be your sole focus.

Secondly, you’re surrounded by a team of addiction specialists who monitor your progress around the clock, ensuring your safe and secure as you undergo your addiction treatment.

Thirdly, we pride ourselves on providing a relaxed, welcoming environment which encourages positivity and motivation, this atmosphere has proven to aid long-term recovery from addiction.


What is private drug and alcohol rehabilitation like?

Despite what many people may think, our rehab centres aren’t clinical, cold centres. You can enjoy the privacy of your own room in luxury accommodation with all the home comforts you could ask for. We take care of your housekeeping and laundry, provide you with daily nutritional meals and arrange social activities for you to take part in during your downtime. These include group runs or walks, quiz nights, film nights and family visits should you wish.

We’ve helped countless individuals overcome their battle with alcohol or drugs, therefore we completely understand how intimidating the initial steps can be. Many people who are suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs struggle to admit to themselves, let alone anyone else, that they need professional support. We can assure you that our rehab in Inverness is welcoming, friendly, and most importantly, effective. We provide a comfortable treatment centre where you can relax as you recover.

We have a varied team of addiction specialists with years of experience between them. They’re able to deliver psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, nutrition therapy, stress management, individual and group sessions, self-help sessions, personal counselling, yoga, low-level laser therapy and art, drama, and music therapies, relaxation, and sleep management. Which treatments we select for your treatment programme will depend on the nature of your addiction and what we believe will work best for your personal circumstances.


You can start your addiction treatment right away

As opposed to free local health services like the NHS, you don’t need to join a long waiting list to benefit from our treatment services. Sadly, the NHS are overstretched and underfunded meaning they’re unable to provide efficient or effective treatment programmes. However, we’re lucky enough to have the time and resources to provide you with a comprehensive, bespoke treatment programme to give you the best chance of recovery. You could be starting your addiction treatment with us as soon as 48 hours after your initial enquiry.

After you’ve expressed your interest in our rehab centre, we will request a physical and psychological health assessment to help us determine the best course of action for your treatment programme. This assessment is free of charge and can be done over the phone, we just need to ask you some questions surrounding the nature of your addiction. From then, we can discuss in more detail which treatment services we feel would benefit you most. If you’re happy to move forward, we can then arrange a date for you to begin your recovery journey at our rehab centre.

Your investment into our treatment centre grants you access to the latest techniques and therapies in addiction treatment, continuous support from our dedicated team with consistent treatment sessions. This approach helps to increase your exposure to addiction treatment resulting in a more efficient recovery.


Return home with a new lease of life

Once you’ve completed our treatment programme, it can be difficult to return home. The first year after your treatment at our rehab centre has ended is the most crucial time to ensure you have ongoing support. This is because it’s the period where you’re most likely to be tempted back into old habits potentially causing you to relapse. With this in mind, we prepare you for your return home by providing you with the tools needed to cope with your new behaviours in addition to our free 12-month aftercare plan. Our aim is to protect your mental health, ensure you’re living free from alcohol or drugs and hope that you feel confident and ready to lead a happier, healthier life.

If you’re ready to commit to our life-changing treatment programme then get in touch with us today on 0147 530 3039. Invest in yourself and in your future.