While it could be argued that those suffering from alcohol addictions are left worse-off, an increase in the number of people seeking advice on living with an alcoholic during lockdown has been noticed.


How Does Living with an Alcoholic Impact an Individual?

The ramifications that living with an alcoholic imposes often goes overlooked. Although the individual suffering will, of course, feel the brunt of the addiction, those around them will also suffer and struggle with the effects an alcohol addiction has.

If your partner, parent or even child is suffering from an alcohol addiction, you will want to do everything in your power to support them.  Nevertheless, you may eventually find yourself struggling to cope.  You may also find yourself unsure of what else you can do for them.

Should you find yourself in the position that requires you to seek advice on living with an alcoholic during lockdown, at Nova Recovery, we are here to support you.

Below, we have shared a wealth of advice that we hope will be of assistance.


Encourage Your Loved One to Talk to You

Often, alcohol addictions intensify when an individual avoids discussing how they feel.  The pessimistic thoughts and feelings experienced will eventually build-up, leaving an individual suffering with nowhere to turn to.  As a result, they will consume more significant amounts of alcohol to numb any unwanted feelings for a short period of time.

However, this is not healthy, nor will it benefit your loved one in the long-run. In fact, this will cause their addiction to become worse, gradually spiralling beyond their control.

Although your loved one may have reservations about opening up to you and sharing how they feel, encouraging them to talk to you will provide them with an outlet that they may desperately need.

Sharing their thoughts and feelings with you will not diminish their addiction altogether.  However, it will show them that you are there to support them.  It will also help them realise that they can mitigate any problems they may be facing by communicating.


Take The Time to Understand How an Alcohol Addiction Can Impair the Life of the Individual Suffering

As the imposed lockdowns are extended, you may find yourself feeling somewhat frustrated and upset by your loved one’s behaviour.  You may feel trapped and even at your wit’s end.

Although it is entirely understandable that you feel this way, we would encourage you to try to take some time to attempt to understand how an alcohol addiction impairs the life of the individual suffering.

Doing so will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how your loved one may be feeling.  You may even be able to put yourself in their shoes to attempt to consider how you would want others to help you, should you ever find yourself suffering from an alcohol addiction.

If you believe that researching how alcohol addictions impact those suffering would help you, we have a wealth of information and blogs on our website that can assist you.


Inform Your Loved One of the Professional Support That Is Available to Them

As you take the time to understand how alcohol addictions impair the lives of individuals and come to understand how your loved one may feel, it may be worth informing your loved one of the professional support that is available to them.

Residential rehab may be something you may want to inform your loved one of. In addition to our drug and alcohol rehab hospital in Scotland, we also have many locations dotted across the country, however,  along with residential support there are plenty of addiction recovery groups that are now providing online group sessions to help those struggling with their addiction.  There are also several mobile apps that can offer support too.


Encourage Your Loved One to Get Involved with Your Daily Routine

Stress, anxiety and depression all contribute to the severity of an addiction.  Combined with the boredom and isolation felt throughout lockdown, those suffering from alcohol addictions are believed to have increased their alcohol consumption in order to help them cope.

Although lockdown has limited what we are able to do, encouraging your loved one to join you as you go for a walk, participate in an online fitness class or even take up a new hobby could see them find an additional outlet for their worries.

How, you ask?  Participating in a form of fitness is known to release endorphins which enhance moods. At the same time, hobbies such as painting are often employed as a form of therapy throughout rehab.

Encouraging your loved one to get involved with your daily routine or activities could see them gradually reduce their alcohol intake.  Spending time together may also help mend your relationship.


Do Not Attempt to Take Matters into Your Own Hands

If you are struggling to cope with the ramifications that living with an alcoholic during lockdown has on your life, removing substances from your home may have crossed your mind.  Although you believe this may help, we would ask you to refrain from doing this.

When an addiction is present, if an individual is unable to feed the intense cravings they experience, they will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms.  Similarly, to alcohol addictions, withdrawal symptoms can cause an individual to become unwell and can also cause discomfort.

Withdrawing from a substance can additionally cause individuals to relapse, especially when the withdrawal is not medically administered or observed.


Contact Nova Recovery for Support and Advice

Living with an alcoholic can have a detrimental impact on your own mental health.  As a result, we would encourage you to contact us if you find yourself at a loss and unsure of what else you can do to support your loved one.

From discussing your loved one’s addiction with you to helping you refer them for treatment at our residential rehab in Scotland, we are available at all hours to assist you.

Having read our advice on living with an alcoholic during lockdown, if you believe you would benefit from additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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