When drug and alcohol addictions arise, they often do so as a result of an underlying mental health disorder, such as chronic stress or anxiety.

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If an addiction and mental health disorder co-occur, dual diagnosis treatment is the most effective solution.

Although several drug and alcohol rehabs in South Ayrshire can provide sufficient dual diagnosis treatment, attending a facility that specialises in this particular treatment is recommended.

If you have been looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in South Ayrshire that can help you navigate and overcome a co-occurring disorder, why not consider attending our rehab hospital instead?

Located in Largs, our rehab is led by a team of psychiatrists, nurses, mental health nurse therapists and support therapists. Experts within their fields, our team have the skills and experience required to administer specialist care and treatment for alcohol dependencies and mental health disorders on a residential basis.

Find out more about how we can support you in your recovery here, or call us today on 01475 303998 to start your recovery journey.

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Our Treatment Options

At Nova Recovery, we equip each of our clients with a personalised psychological treatment programme. Although our treatments are customised to each person’s addiction and recovery needs, it is not uncommon for the following treatments to be administered:

  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Individual counselling and therapy
  • Group therapy

Encountered at various stages during an individual’s time in our rehab hospital, completing each of the treatments noted above is essential. Whilst effective when completed alone, combined, they increase recovery rates and contribute to the likelihood that a patient will make a long-term recovery.


The Detoxification Process

At Nova Recovery, detoxification is overseen by medical professionals. Typically administered over a seven-day period, detoxification is encountered upon commencing treatment. Medically induced, detoxification ensures that substances are removed from the body.

Although the detoxification process is manageable, detoxing from drugs and alcohol can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as the following, to arise:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Sickness
  • Cravings
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Flu-like symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms typically start within 24 hours and can last for up to fifteen days, depending on the substance consumed and the severity of the addiction.

As detoxification can be somewhat uncomfortable and often causes a wealth of emotions to surface, during the detoxification process, we provide 24/7 care. We can also prescribe medication to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms associated with detoxification if they are unbearable.


Rehabilitation At Nova Recovery

Although detoxification is effective and initiates the recovery process, detoxification alone does not guarantee a long-term recovery.

To ensure that those in our care can secure a long-term recovery, here at Nova Recovery, we incorporate many therapies, such as individual counselling and group therapy, into our treatment programmes. These therapies equip our clients with the knowledge and strategies required to remain sober upon leaving our rehab hospital.

In addition, these particular rehabilitation treatments provide our clients with a safe space to openly discuss the impact their addiction has had on their life. In doing so, coping strategies can be developed to reduce the risk of relapse.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

As a specialist rehab hospital that provides dual diagnosis treatment, those who have become reliant on substances due to an underlying mental health disorder will additionally undergo cognitive behavioural therapy during their time with us.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT as it is otherwise known, helps our clients regain control of their life. It also encourages them to change their perspective on certain situations. In doing so, the intensity of stress and other mental health disorders gradually decreases, ensuring that a more positive approach can be adopted.

Substances Treated in our Drug and Alcohol Rehab, South Ayrshire

At Nova Recovery, we specialise in treating a variety of addictions. We believe and implement an individualised approach to substance addiction, recognising that each addiction carries unique implications.

Consequently, we provide tailored treatment for each specific substance, whether you’re addicted to one or more. Here are some of the most prevalent addictions we encounter and address on a daily basis.


Cocaine Rehab, South Ayrshire

Cocaine addiction poses a significant challenge for individuals. What may have begun as a risky social activity can quickly escalate.

Overcoming a cocaine addiction requires immense mental strength and support. At our cocaine rehab program in South Ayrshire, we offer specialised treatment designed for individuals struggling with cocaine addiction. Our focus revolves around modifying behavioural patterns through intensive therapy and working on potential triggers. Most importantly, we equip our patients with the tools necessary to prevent relapse once they return home.


Heroin Rehabilitation, South Ayrshire

Seeking heroin rehabilitation is a vital step toward eliminating the intense and hazardous effects of this drug from your life.

Regardless of the method of consumption, heroin poses a fatal risk. Therefore, seeking help for this highly addictive substance is imperative. Heroin addiction is characterised by severe physical dependence, resulting in serious withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit.

The challenging nature of withdrawal often leads to relapse during the recovery process if you’re doing it alone. In our heroin rehab program in South Ayrshire, we provide medication to facilitate a more manageable withdrawal experience. Additionally, we offer round-the-clock care to ensure your safety and support you in staying on the right track.


Alcohol Rehab, South Ayrshire

Alcoholism is a growing concern, and we are dedicated to addressing this issue through our alcohol rehab program in South Ayrshire. Our facility sees numerous patients struggling with the burden of alcohol addiction on a daily basis, whether that is paired with drug addiction or not.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be extreme and extremely challenging to handle independently. Therefore, at Nova Recovery, we utilise medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms during a detox and make the process more manageable. Moreover, we incorporate therapy to educate and empower our in-patients to resist social drinking and prevent relapse upon completing the rehabilitation program.


Opioid Rehab, South Ayrshire

Opioid addiction is a serious matter that demands attention. Our opioid rehab program in South Ayrshire offers a comprehensive approach to facilitate a smoother recovery journey.
Opioids have a highly addictive nature, and our experienced team has helped countless patients burdened by addiction.

Whether it involves prescribing medication to aid in withdrawal or providing intensive therapy, we employ a multi-faceted strategy to tackle your addiction comprehensively. Our goal is to maximise your chances of achieving full recovery and leading a future free from relapse and drug abuse.



Following detoxification and rehabilitation, we continue to support our clients with 12-months of free aftercare. Aftercare ensures that additional treatment can be sought upon leaving our rehab hospital and returning home.

Just as our treatment programmes are personalised to the needs of our clients, our aftercare programmes are too. However, weekly group therapy sessions, mental health support and continued cognitive behavioural therapy can all be expected.


Facilities Available At Nova Recovery

Unlike drug and alcohol rehabs in South Ayrshire, here at Nova Recovery, we have created a home away from home for our clients to take advantage of during their time in our hospital.

Boasting comfortable and quality facilities, such as private bedrooms, lounge areas, group therapy rooms and individual therapy rooms, our rehab hospital provides a safe space for those in recovery to rest, relax and reflect on their addiction.


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As demand for addiction treatment and mental health support soars in Scotland, locating a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in South Ayrshire can be difficult. Yet, here at Nova Recovery, we can assist you every step of the way.

To start your journey to long-term sobriety, call us today on 01475 303998. Alternatively, chat with us online now to find out more.


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What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab is another option to consider when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in South Ayrshire. Unlike our private residential rehab hospital, outpatient rehabs do not require those in recovery to remain within rehab. Instead, numerous therapy and counselling sessions are arranged and attended each week.

How Do I Achieve Sobriety?

Achieving sobriety can be difficult, especially if you attempt to go at it alone. However, with our professional support, you will achieve sobriety by completing a number of treatments, such as detoxification and rehabilitation. Relapse prevention and aftercare support will additionally contribute to your sobriety. Although the treatments administered during your time in our rehab will assist you in recovering from your addiction, completing aftercare will help you remain sober in the weeks, months and years that follow.

How Long Will It Take Me To Recover?

Contrary to belief, it is difficult to put a timeframe on your recovery. This is because recovering from an addiction is a lifelong process. Considering this, here at Nova Recovery, we recommend being open-minded when it comes to your recovery journey.