If you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, your whole life can be affected by it. Addictions can not only damage your physical and mental health, but they can also destroy relationships, careers, and livelihoods. If you feel like you have a problem with addiction, it’s vital that you seek help and support immediately to completely recover from your addiction and live a happier life that is free from drugs and alcohol.

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How Do I Know If I Need Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

One of the most difficult challenges to overcome is accepting the fact that you need support for your addiction. However, when you can, you can then commit yourself to your recovery.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already taken the first step towards freeing yourself of your drug or alcohol addiction. With your personal commitment to improving your life and with the support of rehab, recovery is entirely possible.

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Seek Help for your Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Before you start your treatment journey for alcohol or drugs, you need to acknowledge the severity of your addiction. Substance abuse can lead to a number of health problems and can even be deadly. Addictions can often cause organ damage and disease.

There is also a strong link between physical and psychological damage with addictions, and the majority of addicts suffer from mental health conditions. This means that professional treatment is needed to tackle this complex illness.

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If you are struggling with a mental health issue alongside an addiction to drugs and alcohol, we would recommend that you speak to us. This is called a dual diagnosis, and we can create a tailored treatment programme to target both of these conditions at the same time. Call 01475 303998 to speak to our friendly team and find out more about rehab so you can overcome your addiction.


What Treatment Options Are Available?

There are several different types of treatment options available in rehab. These are all designed to address your addiction and help you overcome your addiction. Below is a list of the treatments and therapies that you can expect within a rehab centre.

Detoxing in Rehab

Detoxification aims to remove all harmful toxins from your body, allowing you to begin your recovery. You will be monitored throughout the entire detox process by a medical professional while your drug or alcohol intake is slowly reduced.

It is common to experience some negative withdrawal symptoms during the detox stage. These can range from mild to extreme, and everyone experiences them differently. For more severe withdrawal symptoms, you may get some medication to help ease these symptoms.

Professional Caring Support

In rehab, you will be supported by a team of caring professionals throughout the entire treatment program. The staff will be there to monitor your progress constantly, ensuring you remain safe. This is as opposed to attempting to detox at home alone, which can be very dangerous.

The staff in rehab will have your best interest at heart and will concentrate on your safety and health throughout all of your treatments. All treatments aim to ensure that you make a full recovery from drug and alcohol addictions and prevent relapse in the future.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) aims to help those who suffer from persistent psychological fixations or mental health problems. Drug and alcohol abuse can be damaging in a physical and mental way, and both of these are targeted during your treatment.

CBT focuses on finding the triggers of your addiction. It will help to remodel your approach and awareness of drugs and alcohol abuse. The aim of CBT is to disconnect you from the negative attachments that keep you abusing substances and allow you to see a more positive future ahead of you without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Mental Health Treatments

If you suffer from mental health problems alongside your addiction, these can also be treated in rehab. Addictions can cause mental health problems, and similarly, mental health problems can lead to addiction.

If you have an addictive personality or if you suffer from things such as social anxiety, rehab can provide you with a range of therapies to help you overcome your addictive behaviours.


When you complete your drug and alcohol rehab program, you may be worried about staying sober in the long term. This is why aftercare is so important. The aftercare plan is designed to help you maintain your motivation and avoid any chances of relapsing.

Ongoing Addiction Therapies

It is recommended that you continue with your recovery long term to ensure you stay on track. Family therapy sessions and dedicated helplines can help you with your ongoing recovery. You may also find a 12 step programme useful, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous. These are brilliant addiction services that give you the opportunity to open up to other people who are in a similar situation to you, forming a supportive bond with others to help you stay motivated.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after rehab?

After you have finished your rehab treatment, you will return home to your normal life and be assisted by the aftercare team. Our team of experienced aftercare specialists are fully committed to ensuring you have the potential for long-term recovery. Everyone that attends our rehab receives 12 months of free aftercare support to help you stay on track with your recovery goals.

Why choose residential rehab?

Residential rehab is great because it gives you a place to stay outside of your normal triggers. This means that you have a safe and comfortable environment for your recovery, making the chances of a full recovery much higher.

Should I choose inpatient or outpatient rehab?

If your addiction is quite severe, inpatient rehab is always recommended as outpatient rehab is not likely to work. Inpatient rehab is recommended to most addicts as it is the most effective option in terms of making a full recovery. Outpatient rehab is only really recommended to those with very mild forms of addiction.