We offer state of the art, modern treatments that have been proven to be effective, and we also have a strong aftercare program that helps patients to adjust to their new lifestyle. 

And don’t worry about staying on a busy hospital ward, or recovering at home alone; we have a beautiful, relaxing lodge where you will stay as you recover. This means you will have peace and privacy, so it will be much easier for you to focus on your recovery journey. 


The Benefits Of Professional Help

You may be tempted to go cold turkey alone, but for many people this is very difficult. This is because addiction creates both psychological and physical dependence, as well as behavioural problems that are tough to break out of. So if you want professional help and guidance for this difficult journey, we can certainly help. Get in touch today to find out more about our services. 

All of our treatment programs are tailored to the specific patient. We find that this approach is more effective than ‘one size fits all’ treatment, especially when it comes to complex drug and alcohol addiction. Throughout the program the patient will be monitored closely, and the program may be tweaked during this time for optimum results. 

A big part of our success is linked to the unique way we treat patients. We are currently the only private residential hospital in the UK that provides treatment based entirely on scientific treatments that have been proven to work. These treatments are administered by a selection of doctors, nurses and psychiatrists, and they are highly effective. 

It is important to be aware that success rates tend to vary depending on the patient. If the patient is willing and committed to making positive changes, our professional team will help them to establish important behavioural changes that will benefit them going forward. 

Drug and alcohol abuse is very prevalent in Scotland. Recent research found that roughly one in four people in Scotland drink excessively, and tens of thousands of people also struggle with drug addiction.

Over time these issues can cause serious mental and physical problems, so it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. 

It can be scary to admit that there is a problem, but if you are ready for a change, we are here to support you. You don’t have to do this alone; our professional, friendly team are more than happy to help you.


Why Choose Residential Therapy? 

We provide on-site, residential therapy in Fife. This means that every patient stays in Nova Recovery until they have completed their treatment, and then they take part in a year-long aftercare program. 

We offer residential treatment as it has been proven to be effective. Patients are safe from outside influences and temptations while they are recovering, so it is much harder for them to relapse and do something that they will regret.

When patients start the program, the first step is normally focused on detoxing. While this is happening the patients will flush all of the alcohol or drugs from their system, and during this time they will have 24/7 support.

This normally takes a few days or weeks to complete, and once it is done the patient can start counselling to deal with the problem. This can be intense, but you will receive continuous support and encouragement. 

Once the program has been completed, the patient can go home to start their new, healthy lifestyle – but they still have our support for another 12 months. During this time the patient will regularly speak to professional doctor’s and psychiatrists about how they are doing, and this extra support allows them to recover without relapsing. If the patient undergoes any struggles during this time, they can always contact the lodge for advice and support. 


Treatment Options 

We offer a wide range of treatment options at our drug and alcohol rehab hospital in Fife. Some of the main treatments we offer include one on one therapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation therapy, stress management, nutritional education and medicated treatment. 

We understand that relaxation is an essential part of recovery, so all patients get their own room where they can unwind in private. Our main goal is to create a relaxing, comfortable environment that patients find pleasant. 


The Long Term Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse 

Drug and alcohol addiction can negatively affect you in many ways. They can change your body, your mind, your bank account and the relationships you have with other people, so it is important to seek help if you think your life has been affected by drugs or drinking.

This can be difficult, especially if addiction has become a normal part of your life, but it isn’t impossible. Anyone can change their life for the better, even if it feels like a mammoth task. 

 And most importantly, you don’t have to do it alone; you can quit with a team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals who truly understand addiction. 


Get Help Today 

Are you suffering from addiction? Are you ready to change your life so you can have a more positive future? If so, you can contact us today to find out more about our treatment options.

Our hospitals are open every day, and we offer free drug and alcohol addiction advice over the phone – all you need to do is get in touch so you can find out more about our services. 

You can get in touch by ringing our contact number, or you can use our contact page to let us know you need help.

Our approachable, professional team will do everything they can to help you, so please get in touch today if you are ready to make a change.