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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Options in Fife

If you are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and are looking for residential drug and alcohol rehab in Fife, Nova Recovery is only a short drive away.

Here you will be able to access private residential treatment with a bespoke rehab plan so you can achieve long-term recovery.

There are two main forms of addiction treatment in Fife, including outpatient treatment and inpatient rehab such as ours at Nova Recovery.

Private Inpatient Options in Fife

Included within this form of alcohol rehab is a bespoke addiction programme, treatment for any mental health problems, a drug and alcohol detox, various therapy sessions and aftercare services.

At residential rehab, you will stay in luxury accommodation where your meals will be taken care of, and you will be given the space to relax and recuperate addiction-free.

Outpatient Options in Fife

Outpatient treatment is normally treatment that the NHS administers. Typically, you can refer to your local GP and ask for help.

This type of rehabilitation means you stay at your home and travel for treatments. Outpatient rehab can be quite disruptive however, if you’re looking to keep working, this may be a great option.

The drug and alcohol detox is completed at home, with no staff attending the residence.

Plenty of local groups can help with your initial step into sobriety and as a resident of Fife you have access to them.

Outpatient support can be found at:

If you live in Markinch, Leslie, Star or Bandon or anywhere else in the Fife area, our team at Nova Recovery can provide the treatment you or any family members may need.

Call us today on 01475 303998 to learn more about the addiction treatment services available to you in Fife.


What Addictions Do We Treat?

At Nova Recovery, we treat a number of substance addictions within our private rehab facility. If you are suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues, our treatment programme can help you get your life back on track.

Here you can access personalised rehab programmes for:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Sleeping Tablets Addiction
  • Coexisting Mental Health Issues

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Drug and Alcohol Detox at Nova Recovery

The detox process is one of the most challenging stages of drug and alcohol rehab as it can be uncomfortable and strong withdrawal symptoms are often experienced.

Withdrawal symptoms can include cravings, insomnia, headaches, stomach ache, loss of appetite, mood swings and much more.

Without proper management, detox can be unsafe if withdrawal symptoms progress without medical assistance, with seizures or delirium tremens being the most severe side effects of withdrawal.

In our rehab clinic, we ensure that you are safe and well cared for throughout the drug and alcohol detox. We can prescribe medication to help you manage symptoms and also provide you with top-quality care afterwards.

If you are concerned about the detox process or have any questions about our treatment programmes, please get in touch today.


Common Addiction Therapies

Addiction treatment is at the heart of every residential rehab programme and is an important aspect of the recovery model. Therapy sessions provide our residents with the tools they need when sustaining recovery after treatment.

Some common therapies we offer at Nova Recovery includes:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy style sessions
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy sessions with therapists access
  • Creative therapy
  • Holistic therapies
  • Stress management
  • Daily walks
  • Yoga and exercise therapy
  • Free aftercare and support groups

Treating both physical and psychological health is a key part of any treatment programme in alcohol rehab Fife. We have registered mental health nurses, trained psychiatrists and addiction recovery experts on hand to guide you through the recovery process.

Our evidence-based treatments enable you to understand your alcohol and drug addiction, as well as learn the coping mechanisms needed to overcome addictive substances for life.

We also offer one year of free aftercare after the completion of our treatment programme to maintain relapse prevention and professional support on an outpatient basis.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the therapies we offer to treat drug and alcohol abuse in our drug and alcohol rehab clinic.


How to Get Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Fife

To learn more about your treatment options or for addiction information, you can visit your local GP to find out more about outpatient drug and alcohol rehab options within central Fife.

As an outpatient, you will receive addiction treatment in the community. Local support groups in Fife such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous are good ways to help you stay on track in your recovery process.

They are not as intensive as private rehab however, and do not have as high success recovery rates as private alcohol rehab Fife.

In private inpatient rehab treatment, you will stay in drug or alcohol rehab for a set period of time to complete a rehab programme.

To start addiction treatment or to visit our rehab for residential treatment, all you need to do is contact our admissions team who will help you through the admissions process and inform you about your options.

To start rehab treatment, contact our team today on 01475 303998.


How Much Does a Private Alcohol Rehab Clinic Cost?

The cost of our drug and alcohol rehab treatment varies depending on the length of stay, the treatments required and the severity of your addiction.

Private drug rehab with committed 24-hour staff can cost up to £2,00 per week, depending on the length of stay and your personal recovery needs.

Although this may be a daunting number, private alcohol rehab in Fife is an investment which can help you achieve long-term recovery and end substance use disorders for good.

Many insurance companies include the cost of rehab treatment and there are also other payment options available if you require help.

Speak to our team on 01475 303998 to learn more about the cost of addiction rehabilitation.


Visit Nova Recovery for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Residential rehab, like Nova Recovery, is the best option to increase the chance of successful long-term recovery.

The dedicated team will take you through an initial assessment to determine a tailored addiction programme.

You will have access to 24-hour staff and nurses who can assist with any worries and questions and, if needed, a medical alcohol and drug detox. There are procedures to ensure your safety at this facility, and all drug and alcohol temptations will be removed.

Additionally, after your time at alcohol and drug rehab, you will receive a comprehensive aftercare and relapse prevention plan. When returning to your local area these tools and skills taught in your therapies, and one-to-one sessions will ensure you abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Contact our admissions team for a self-referral or if you need to refer a family member on 01475 303998.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refer an employee to rehab?

If you think that an employee is struggling with an addiction, we welcome you to take advantage of our professional referral services by contacting our admissions team. In doing so, we will offer both yourself and your employee the support required, and we will work with you to ensure that your employee can commence treatment. It should be noted that your employee will be unable to continue to work during their time in our rehab hospital. This is because recovering from an addiction requires complete dedication.

What are some holistic therapies we offer?

These are therapies which focus on improving your general well-being which could include relaxation and sleep management, mindfulness, yoga, art therapy, music therapy, or fitness therapy. Whilst some of these may seem unusual, they’ve proven to be very effective when it comes to your rehabilitation.

What is a dual diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis refers to an addiction that is diagnosed alongside another mental health disorder. Most commonly, this is anxiety or depression. A person with a dual diagnosis will have a tailored treatment plan that aims to help them overcome their addiction problem as well as their mental health problem. Since most addictions come hand in hand with a mental health problem, this is a common type of diagnosis that is often treated within a rehab centre.