Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse has significantly increased across Scotland. Many individuals are trapped within local influences and trends, making it difficult to rehabilitate locally.

If you feel stuck, if you feel that drug and alcohol withdrawal will be challenging while remaining in Aberdeenshire, it’s time to be open about all rehabilitation options.

At Nova Recovery, we’ve witnessed how challenging it can be to recover while surrounded by drug and alcohol triggers. While withdrawal may be achieved, physical and psychological recovery is very unlikely, down to incomplete healing opportunities.

Down to this, your best next step will be to look further than a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeenshire, by considering our rehab hospital in Largs. Here you can work through your addiction with our specialist team, set away from influential stimuli, such as environments and people.

Experience the right environment to work towards a drug and alcohol-free future.


Selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Aberdeenshire

Naturally, you may hope to recover on a local scale. You may have even attempted to withdraw previously in affiliation with a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeenshire. This is understandable, especially as comfort will benefit the rehabilitation experience.

However, it can be very difficult to recover from drug and alcohol abuse while surrounded by pre-existing triggers and influences. As drug and alcohol consumption is excessive in Scotland, including areas such as Aberdeenshire, exposure to triggers will be greater than in other areas.

With this in mind, it’s time to weigh up the value of either comfort or your ability to recover, helping you decide whether to remain in Aberdeenshire for rehab, or to consider rehab hospitals at a distance. Through experience, we recommend looking further afield, to benefit from residential rehab.

Here at Nova Recovery, you’ll in fact experience both comfort and the opportunities to withdraw from drugs and alcohol and build sustainable recovery steps.

The decision is however up to you. Yet, we are here to offer guidance and greater information into residential rehab and the benefits you can encounter by keeping an open mind.


Escaping local influences via Residential Rehab

Working through addiction, alone, can feel impossible. Working through addiction, on a local scale, can also feel impossible, especially in highly influential areas, such as Aberdeenshire.

While this may feel disheartening, especially if you are craving freedom from addiction, please do not give up.

Professional support is available, beyond your local area. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is possible through residential rehab, offering true escapism.

The greatest benefit of residential rehab is that you can remove yourself from toxic settings, by entering a positive, recovery designed and relaxing atmosphere. Recovery has been prioritised throughout the design of our rehab hospital, ensuring that clients can feel a sense of freedom from triggers back in Aberdeenshire.

A further benefit of looking beyond a local rehab hospital is the ability to complete highly focused streams of addiction treatment. Through residential rehab, you will have the security and scope to complete a wide range of addiction treatment options, on an intense rate. Please be aware that addiction treatment recommendations will be provided on your welcome to residential rehab.

Lastly, through residential rehab, you will have the opportunity to recover on physical and psychological levels. Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeenshire will likely motivate standalone physical recovery.

However, down to familiar triggers and associations to drugs and alcohol, it will be very difficult to disconnect psychologically. Through residential rehab, physical and psychological recovery is customary goals, realistic for our clients at Nova Recovery.

Reasonably, residential rehab may feel like a daunting step to take. Yet, realistically, it will be the only positive step to take to become free from addiction. We can support you throughout your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey at Nova Recovery, facilitating a positive, comfortable and personal encounter with rehab.


Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

One key asset of our rehabilitation offering is our range of drug and alcohol treatment services. Ultimately, addiction treatments are utilised to motivate detoxification, restoration and long-term recovery, on physical and psychological levels.

Many of these addiction treatments will also be used via a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeenshire. Yet, you will encounter greater quality via residential rehab as your susceptibility will be greater, along with greater focus throughout treatment services.

On your admission, personal recommendations of addiction treatment will be made. Yet, you can expect to complete anything from a drug and alcohol detox, support groups and relapse prevention, to stress management and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Please be reassured that safe addiction treatments will only be recommended, meeting your personal needs when considering your drug and alcohol addiction. The degree and length of each addiction treatment will also be communicated on your admission, combining to create your own personal rehab programme.


Returning to Aberdeenshire, Drug and Alcohol-free

The main goal will be to return to Aberdeenshire, drug and alcohol-free. Through committing to residential rehab, this is doable. You can become free from addiction and local influences by investing in your own addiction recovery journey.

While your outlooks will change, while you’ll be equipped with life-saving skills, and while you’ll have a relapse prevention plan, you will need to continue your commitment to recovery on your return.

Although it may initially feel difficult, especially as you return to an area where drug and alcohol abuse is normalised, please feel reassured that you will be supported throughout the process. By following guidance, there’s a strong chance that you will not immediately revert back to drugs, alcohol and their addictive tendencies.

Yet, please keep focused on long-term recovery, as relapse risks can present themselves. We can help you with aftercare services, in place to assist your ongoing recovery efforts back in Aberdeenshire.

Hearing that local recovery, that visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeenshire can be near enough impossible can be disheartening.

Yet, please keep your head up and remember that recovery opportunities can be experienced elsewhere, actually increasing your long-term recovery rates.

We can facilitate this for you here at Nova Recovery, a Largs based rehabilitation hospital specialising in addiction and mental health recovery.