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If so, then you need look no further than Nova Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital in Greenock, a state-of-the-art hospital that blends together a wide variety of treatment approaches to addiction in order to get you to conquer your addiction and massively improve your life!

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Overcoming drug and alcohol abuse can be a challenging road, fraught with challenges; however, the safe, relaxing environment and innovative addiction treatments provided at our rehab in Greenock is the safest and most effective way to overcome your substance abuse disorder. The comforting and relaxing environment provided allows you to really focus on your recovery, and start living your new healthy and sober life.


Why Should You Opt For Professional Help?

Once someone has realised that they have developed an addiction and want to overcome it, the tendency can be for people to think that it is something that they can deal with on their own. However, breaking the cycle of addiction on your own can be incredibly difficult, and the chances of a healthy and long-term recovery are slim.

By choosing to opt for professional medical help from a drug and alcohol services, such as Nova Recovery’s private rehab hospital, you are not only almost guaranteed to achieve a full and well-rounded recovery, but the treatment offered will establish the key foundation of a long-lasting recovery, one where you can identify the cause, and triggers, of your addictive tendencies.


Why Are Our Treatment Plans So Effective?

Every single one of our treatment programmes is tailored specifically to each patient. Everyone is different and are facing different demons, so we have found that it is only natural that there is no single cure-all for addiction. By making sure that your treatment programme focusses specifically on areas that will be crucial to your recovery, we can better ensure your recovery.

While we offer a huge array of individual treatment options, one of the most important aspects of your recovery is detoxification. For this purpose, we have a unique way of helping you get through your detox, and our specialist detox hospital is something that we advise all of our patients to take advantage of.


Safely Detox With Our Detox Hospital

Drug and alcohol withdrawal has the potential, when unsupervised by medical professionals, to bring about incredibly dangerous and even life-threatening symptoms. Therefore, when you arrive at our facility you will be advised to visit our detox hospital.

Here, you will be closely monitored by medical professionals and prescribed medication and treatment whenever necessary to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms, keep you comfortable, and prevent you from succumbing to any more serious symptoms.

The prospect of going through withdrawal can be terrifying to some addicts, and that is to be expected. However, with our medical help, you will be able to experience a safe and painless withdrawal period.

Dependent on your addiction, withdrawal symptoms can range from mild vomiting, sweating, and dizziness, to heart palpitations, hallucinations, violent seizures, and delirium tremens (DTs) all of which can require medical attention which we will provide in our detox hospital.

Once you have been through the detox hospital and the harmful substances and toxins have been safely and painlessly removed from your body, then you can begin the rest of your treatment.


What Are The Specific Treatments We Offer?

Once the detoxification process has been completed, a mixture of therapy sessions and holistic healing classes will ensue which will not only treat the physical and psychological elements of substance addiction but will also provide you with the tools to keep your addiction in the past and remain healthy and sober once you have finished the treatments.

Specific treatment options include; one-to-one counselling sessions, group therapy, relaxation and meditation classes, stress management seminars, art workshops, nutritional therapy and education, as well as medicated treatment where necessary.

There is also the chance that your addiction may stem from mental health conditions — or that you may even have been inadvertently self-medicating for a hidden mental health condition through your substance abuse which may become apparent once you are clean — and in such instances, serious psychological intervention may be necessary.

Therefore, through your rehabilitation process we will work to ascertain the underlying cause of this, and in turn your addiction, and help you overcome this with the help of vital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in tandem with the other aforementioned therapies.

We also encourage and organise a lot of social activities with other residents, such as movie nights, quizzes, and sporting activities, as well as allowing visits from loved ones to help you on your road to recovery.


When You Return Home, We’ll Still Be There To Help You!

Once your stay with us is over and you are clean, sober, and ready to return to your life with a newfound sense of wellbeing, there can be a worry from some guests that they will fall back into old, unhealthy ways.

When you return home, old triggers, stressors, and bad influences can make themselves apparent to you, however, the treatment you will have gone through with us will prepare you with ways to deal with such situations.

And, if you still feel like things are getting a little too much for you, then you will be able to take advantage of our free 12-month aftercare plan.

This complimentary programme will help you to remain on the right track, aid relapse prevention, locate local places and groups to share your concerns and build support networks, and keep your motivation high.

The first year after leaving rehab is integral to a long-lasting recovery, and so our 12-month aftercare plan is designed to keep you sober and healthy even once you have finished your stay with us.

If you’re ready to make the best decision of your life and get yourself on the path to a clean, healthy, and better life, then don’t waste another day at your addiction’s beck and call!

Addiction can be scary, and it can make you feel like you are completely alone and without hope, but this isn’t the case. We are here to help you, all you have to do is call on 01475 303998, email at info@novarecovery.co.uk, or contact us through our website’s chat feature. Get in touch today, and our dedicated staff will always be here to help.