Across South Lanarkshire, several inpatient and outpatient rehabs are on hand to support those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

However, for some individuals, attending a drug and alcohol rehab in South Lanarkshire is not suitable, nor desired.

If you require addiction treatment but have been unable to locate a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in South Lanarkshire, we welcome you to attend our rehab hospital.

Likewise, if you believe that attending a drug and alcohol rehab in South Lanarkshire could hinder your recovery, contact us today to discuss how we can support you.

Offering personalised addiction and mental health treatment, call us today on 01475 303998 to find out more about our rehab hospital.

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Are you suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction and need help? If so, Nova Recovery are leading UK based experts in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today.

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Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Across Scotland, the number of people struggling with drug and alcohol addictions has increased considerably in the last few years.

Although there is treatment readily available for those in need to take advantage of, the number of people reaching out to a drug and alcohol rehab service remains somewhat minimal. Instead, many attempts to overcome their addiction alone. However, this is not safe, nor is it recommended.

As drug and alcohol addictions are severe psychological disorders, professional treatment is required if addiction is to be overcome.


Our Treatment Options

Here at Nova Recovery, our treatment options greatly vary. Customised to meet the needs of each individual that attends our rehab hospital, our programmes incorporate evidence-based therapeutic treatments that are proven to support recovery.

Although the treatments completed at our rehab hospital are dependent on factors such as the severity of an addiction and the physical and psychological effects addiction has had, the following treatments are usually encountered:

These particular treatments form the basis of our treatment programmes. Although these treatments are combined, each plays a vital role in recovery.

For example, detoxification kick-starts the recovery process by removing harmful toxins and substances from the body and brain. In contrast, rehabilitation enables those in recovery to understand their addiction, determine the cause of their addiction and uncover how they can maintain their recovery through the employment of therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As a rehab hospital that specialises in addiction and mental health recovery, unlike drug and alcohol rehabs in South Lanarkshire, we have the tools and experience needed to provide dual diagnosis treatment.

Throughout dual diagnosis treatment, addiction treatments, such as detoxification, are combined with mental health treatments, such as dialectical behavioural therapy and counselling, to help those in recovery simultaneously overcome their addiction and mental health disorder.


Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Support

Preventing relapse in the weeks, months and even years that follow addiction treatment is crucial if a long-term recovery is to be achieved.

As recovery is different for everyone, our relapse prevention and aftercare plans are customised to each individual’s needs. Contingent on several factors, our team of recovery support workers ensure that the most appropriate support is provided to each of our patients.

Although the above is true, at Nova Recovery, the following treatments and techniques are commonly implemented into our relapse prevention and aftercare plans to reduce the risk of relapse.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Support groups
  • Family therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Medication

Should you attend our rehab hospital, you will be encouraged to take advantage of the continued support we provide. Failure to do so could hinder your recovery and see you more prone to relapse upon returning home.


Why Choose Us?

As a residential rehab hospital, when you choose to recover with us, you will have access to industry-leading treatments, 24/7 care and a safe space to relax and recuperate from the ramifications of your addiction.

Away from your hometown, you will be encouraged to take your recovery at your own pace, and you will find that you are safeguarded against any triggers or factors that could otherwise hinder your progress.


Contact Us Today

Whether you want to find out more about the drug and alcohol rehabs in South Lanarkshire or would like to refer yourself for treatment at our residential rehab hospital, we welcome you to call us today.

In doing so, our team will provide you with immediate support, guidance and help. Our team can also answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin my Recovery?

To begin your recovery, you will need to contact us either by telephone or email. In doing so, our admissions team can discuss your addiction with you and inform you of the treatment options available at our rehab hospital. Following this, you will be required to complete a pre-admissions assessment. Conducted over the telephone within as little as 30-minutes, our pre-admissions assessment helps our team find out more about your addiction and determine which treatments you may need. Upon completing our pre-admissions assessment, a suitable time and date will be arranged for you to enter our rehab hospital. In many instances, treatment can be commenced within just days of contacting us. Although this may seem alarming, time is of the essence when it comes to addiction treatment. If you are hoping to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in South Lanarkshire, the admissions process you need to complete may be somewhat different to our own. You may also find that you are required to wait for treatment to become available.

How long does Rehab last?

A typical rehab treatment programme lasts for 28-days. However, some individuals remain in rehab for up to 90-days at a time. Whilst we understand that you will want to determine how long it will take you to complete rehab, many factors will ultimately determine how long you will require treatment. With this in mind, we would encourage you to remain open-minded about your recovery.

What is Inpatient Treatment like?

Inpatient treatment is somewhat structured and quite intense. Although, for many, this is off-putting, completing a structured and intense treatment programme enhances recovery rates and helps many secure a future free from drugs and alcohol.