Addiction and substance misuse can have a huge negative impact on your physical and mental well-being, your relationships, work and most other areas of your life.

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The signs and symptoms of addiction will usually present themselves once a habit begins to form. Although their presence may indicate early changes and fixations, it’s worth taking them seriously.

An addiction can quickly develop from substance abuse. Physical and psychological problems can rapidly advance. Behavioural, relapsing addiction can be the outcome if consumption, habits, and problems are enabled.

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Taking action is instead recommended, by finding and accepting addiction treatment. Flexible around individual needs and the strength of addiction, a programme can be formed for you to complete locally.

If you’re noticing any signs of addiction, reaching out for support and treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Prestwick is recommended. Through our private recovery hospital here at Nova Recovery, detoxification and rehabilitation programmes are available, fully catered around your circumstances.

Reach out to access addiction treatment, no matter the strength, effects, or symptoms of your addiction.


Acting on the Signs of Addiction

There are some common signs of addiction, indicating that physical and psychological connections have been made with drugs and alcohol. Those connections will be negative yet will be blurred out by the positive effects of consumption.

Signs and symptoms are however negative. They indicate a change in health, wellbeing, behaviour, commitment, and quality of life, due to substance abuse.

If consumption is being prioritised, and if changes are continuing to occur, signs should be taken seriously, by taking action. The greatest action that you can take is by finding and completing professional addiction treatment. A range of programmes will be accessible to you in your local area to consider.


Treatment Programmes in Prestwick

The severity of your addiction will dictate the effectiveness of treatment programmes. For example, someone with a chronic addiction will usually struggle through NHS, outpatient treatment.

You will have access to and full control over the treatment programme that you complete. Your options will focus on free NHS services and private programmes. Deciding between both will be important, as your decision will impact the length, cost, contents, and success of your rehabilitation programme.

NHS treatments are medically beneficial. High levels of care and safe treatment services are expected, free of charge. Yet as the NHS is in demand, it can be difficult to arrange and complete a full treatment programme. This is disadvantageous when treating addiction, as a wide range of treatments and milestones must be worked through.

A full treatment programme can undoubtedly be completed through private rehab, yet with a cost attached. Instead of waiting for treatment and experiencing a long process, admission can be completed quickly through a drug and alcohol rehab in Prestwick.

Treatment can also be completed in 28 days for an inpatient programme and in a few months through an outpatient programme. Both programme types are flexible, private, and fully catered to individual needs.

Some people will benefit from free treatment, usually those who experience minimal symptoms and can control their consumption. Yet to treat an addiction, where drugs and alcohol are taking over everyday thoughts, responsibilities and decisions, private rehab will be the most effective.


What happens through Detoxification and Rehabilitation?

Detoxification and rehabilitation programmes are offered here at Nova Recovery. Personal circumstances will direct the recommendations of each. Yet both are mostly required to treat addiction from physical and psychological standpoints.

A detoxification programme focuses on physical recovery. It’s a process that helps to remove drugs and alcohol from the body, by inducing withdrawal. Withdrawal indicates that consumption levels are lowering, which can be displayed through withdrawal symptoms. Possible to work through comfortably and safely, a medically assisted detox is best to complete through the withdrawal process.

A rehabilitation programme focuses on psychological recovery. Therapy, underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy is the most effective process, which helps to heal the mind and stabilise mental health. It’s essential to work through the emotional and mental associations of substance abuse.

It’s also vital to work through coping strategies, with the aim to develop some healthy habits. One-to-one and group sessions of therapy will help to fulfil rehabilitation.

Alongside detoxification and rehabilitation processes, further treatments will be offered, such as wellbeing management, stress management, mental health treatments and relapse prevention planning. Health will be improved to maintain post-rehab. Planning will focus on preventing relapse and on sustaining recovery success.


How to recover from a Dual Diagnosis?

If you’re struggling with poor mental health, as a direct symptom of addiction, this will be known as dual diagnosis. Known to develop alongside one another, mental illness and substance use disorders are co-occurring conditions.

To recover, you’ll need to work through a programme of dual diagnosis treatments. Effective forms will be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Prestwick, tailored to the right balance for your needs.

Therapy will mostly treat mental illness. Yet addiction treatments, such as detoxification and lifestyle management will need to work in unison.


Accessing Treatment at Nova Recovery

To access treatment here at Nova Recovery, the admissions process will need to be completed. We thoroughly assess your needs through this process, to make sure that they can be catered to through our recommendations and costs.

Admission is a quick process, and can lead to an urgent check-in, into our private recovery hospital, or can result in a pre-arranged admission date.

If you’re noticing the signs of addiction, no matter how irregular or mild, taking action will reduce your struggles. Reach out to access suitable support via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Prestwick.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment

Both inpatient and outpatient programmes can be arranged through private rehab. The biggest differences between them are their timeline and delivery. Inpatient rehab is a quicker process as clients will check into a rehab clinic. All treatments, therapies, activities, and recovery steps will be completed with assistance and 24/7 support. Outpatient rehab is different as clients will visit rehab for treatment yet will receive support from home. This makes it a longer process to complete. Yet can benefit those looking for flexibility.

How do I enquire about rehab?

You can enquire about rehab by reaching out. A self-referral can either be made, to show your interest in rehab, or you can reach out to ask any questions/share any concerns. Our team at Nova Recovery is here to support you through your decisions and admission into rehab. An enquiry can turn into an admission if you hope to experience private rehab.

How do I pay for rehab?

Private treatment must be paid for. Most clients will fund it through savings or through the help of loved ones. In some instances, payment plans can be arranged. Insurance policies which cover addiction recovery can sometimes be claimed against, yet this will depend on your policy type. Rehab can be arranged around your budget to make sure that it’s an affordable service for you.