Yet, a fraction of those that attend rehab leave too early for various reasons.

At Nova Recovery, we welcome thousands of individuals from across the United Kingdom to our residential rehab each year.

Although all of our patients complete a full treatment programme upon attending our rehab, as noted above, many individuals across the world will leave rehab too early.

For some, the fear of the unknown or discomfort during treatment will see them want to leave rehab early, while for others, being away from their loved ones will cause them to cut their time in rehab short.


The Dangers of Leaving Rehab Too Early

While the treatment provided at rehab can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially as an individual withdraws from the substance they have become addicted to or progresses through therapy, it is imperative to complete a treatment programme. This is because there are various dangers of leaving rehab too early.

Regrettably, the dangers of leaving rehab too early can have disastrous consequences, not just on the individual suffering but friends and family members too.

If you are contemplating leaving rehab early or have been approached by a loved one hoping to leave rehab early, it is vital that you understand the dangers that often come hand in hand with leaving rehab early.

To assist you, we have provided a number of dangers associated with leaving rehab too early below.


Leaving Rehab Too Early Increases The Risk Of Relapse

Although many individuals believe that they will remain sober once they have completed detoxification, this is sadly not true.  In order to truly overcome an addiction, detoxification, rehabilitation, and aftercare treatment must be completed.

While detoxification essentially enables an individual to withdraw from a substance and begin to recover physically, rehabilitation treatment is required if an individual is to overcome the psychological aspect of their addiction.

Regrettably, many individuals that decide to leave rehab early will do so either after the detoxification stage of treatment or during rehabilitation.

Sadly, when a rehab treatment programme is not completed, up to 60% of individuals that leave rehab early are likely to encounter a relapse.


Leaving Rehab Too Early Increases The Risk Of Life-Threatening Illnesses

As an individual realises that an addiction is impairing their life, rehab treatment is advised to ensure that the long-term consequences of addictions can be mitigated.  As rehabilitation treatment is secured, health complications experienced as a result of an addiction will gradually alleviate, enabling the body to recover.

However, leaving rehab too early will increase the risk of long-term consequences and life-threatening illness.

For example, if an individual leaves rehab too early and once again consumes drugs or alcohol, the risk of experiencing life-threatening illnesses associated with addictions such as a heart attack, organ failure and long-term memory loss is much greater.


Leaving Rehab Too Early Prevents An Individual From Securing Support Needed For Psychological Triggers

As noted above, leaving rehab too early increases the risk of life-threatening illnesses.  In addition to this, leaving rehab too early prevents an individual from securing the support they need to combat and overcome any psychological triggers and factors that have caused their addiction to arise.

This is because leaving rehab early will prevent an individual from obtaining and completing psychological and well-being therapy, which essentially helps many devise coping strategies to manage and overcome any triggers they may experience.  Unfortunately, when psychological support is not sought, relapses are more likely to be experienced.


Leaving Rehab Too Early Increases The Danger of Overdosing

As previously discussed, if an individual decides to leave rehab early, they are at risk of relapsing.  However, it should also be considered that upon completing a detoxification programme, an individual’s tolerance to substances will drastically reduce.

This sadly means that if an individual leaves rehab too early and once again turns to substances, their risk of overdosing when consuming even a small quantity of drugs or alcohol is much greater.


Leaving Rehab Too Early Increases The Risk Of Cross-Addiction

When an individual leaves rehab too early, the risk of experiencing a cross-addiction is somewhat significant.  Unlike relapsing, a cross-addiction sees an individual become addicted to a different substance or behaviour.

For example, if detoxification is sought for an alcohol addiction, when an individual decides to leave rehab early, they may develop an addiction to another substance, such as drugs, or a behaviour, such as gambling.


Informing A Loved One Or A Friend of The Dangers Of Leaving Rehab Too Early

In many instances, individuals that are contemplating leaving rehab early will express their desire to return home to their loved one’s or friends.  They may also discuss their wishes with medical professionals and recovery staff at their chosen rehab facility.

While medical professionals will inform the individual of the dangers of leaving rehab too early, this advice and information may well be overlooked if an individual is desperate to leave rehab.  Although an individual cannot be forced to stay in rehab, completing a full treatment programme is in their best interest.

With this in mind, if a loved one or a friend has recently expressed to you that they want to leave rehab early, advising them of the dangers of leaving rehab too early may be beneficial.


Contact Nova Recovery

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At Nova Recovery, we can assist you and ensure that you understand the importance of attending rehab and completing a rehab programme.

While we appreciate that attending rehab is daunting and may cause you to feel uncomfortable as you navigate your addiction, we guarantee that the treatment and care we can provide you with will make your rehab experience bearable.

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