Whether you’re personally struggling, or you’re watching someone you care about deteriorate through substance abuse, support is available here at Nova Recovery.

Standing as one of the most affordable and reputable rehab hospitals in the country, we can support you through a number of different referrals, through a wide range of addiction treatment and through the tests and celebrations of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Yet, before investing, it is important that you set your expectations of drug and alcohol rehab. This will help you secure the most fitting rehab programme, for yourself or a loved one, whether that is with us through our residential programmes, or whether you’ll favour visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus.

By grasping your expectations, you’ll be able to enter rehab with a realistic outlook, along with understanding what’s ahead for your impending rehabilitation experience. With this in mind, here’s an insight into localised recovery, into residential rehab, and into aftercare, all carrying their place in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation world.


What to expect from visiting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Angus

At Nova Recovery, we do not want to dampen your expectations. After all, it is all about finding the right rehab programme for you. If this will be through localised recovery, here’s exactly what you can expect.

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus itself can offer many benefits, such as familiarity, easier transitions, comfort and convenience. All of these assets are important parts of rehab, making the experience easier and more manageable. This is exactly why many individuals sway towards selecting a local rehabilitation hospital.

However, at the other end of the spectrum, localised recovery can carry its challenges, with a strong focus on excessive exposure to drugs, alcohol, their addictive characteristics and personal triggers. Unfortunately, many addictions are formed and fuelled around social, emotional or environmental triggers. This could be anything from a certain group of people, to a place or a memory.

Down to easy influence, many individuals aim to avoid localised recovery, worried that those triggers will deter recovery. In all honesty, there are risks of this, unless you source the most private, secure and specialist rehab hospital in the Angus area, which may be hard to come by.

With this in mind, it is important to consider your personal needs and look at rehab through a realistic outlook. If you already struggle down to ongoing triggers, merged into your routine, expecting long-term recovery via a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus should be set low.


Rehabilitation Programmes offered on a Residential basis

Like many individuals, if you’d prefer greater distance, privacy and higher recovery probabilities, residential rehab will be for you. Although we are located away from Angus, we offer high-quality, comfortable rehab experiences, boasting professionalism, medical recommendations, personal rehab programmes and strong opportunities for long-term recovery.

Ultimately, we care about your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. With this in mind, you can benefit from the below assets, as a standard here at Nova Recovery.


Leading addiction treatment options
We strongly believe in only using safe, effective addiction treatment options, suitable on a per-client basis. You’ll experience anything from a mere detox programme and stress management, to newer concepts such as art therapy.


Wellbeing treatment services
It’s not just about overcoming your addiction. It’s also about elevating your physical and psychological health. We offer wellbeing services to help you improve your quality of life prior to your return to Angus.


Mental health support
Many clients do unfortunately suffer from their mental health while battling addiction. Dual-diagnosis treatment is required for our clients, endorsed around your mental health needs. As a customary, mental health and emotional support will be available to all.


Step by step, personal programmes
Drug and alcohol rehab is all about hitting small, yet life-changing steps. You will work through those steps with a personal rehab programme, easing withdrawal, easing the normalisation of sober living, and easing your post-rehab reality.


Positive recovery environments
By overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus, you can experience an environment which purely focuses on recovery. On a local scale, this can be difficult to come by. Yet, through residential rehab, set at a distance, you will have a balanced, neutral and inspiring setting to harness drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Around the clock care
Our team is extremely passionate about your rehab experience. We also truly care about your wellbeing, health and recovery experience. You will encounter around the clock care from our compassionate team, full of medical professionals and addiction specialists.


Aftercare programmes
Your initial drug and alcohol rehab programme will change your life, developing the foundations of addiction recovery. Yet, the aim is to continue that development. Through aftercare services, offered to all clients, post-rehab, you can continue to work on your sobriety back in Angus. This will become a consistent part of your life, helping you remain healthy, happy and free from drugs and alcohol.


Aiming for Long-Term recovery through Aftercare

As we’ve mentioned above, you will have access to aftercare support, post-rehab. This is very important to help you warm to your new reality. Although post-rehab will influence positives and great excitement, it can also be daunting.

Through a personal relapse prevention plan, through consistent aftercare services, and through inner grit, you can continue your progress from rehab, back to life in Angus.

Through residential rehab, you can experience the above assets with no question. While selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Angus will offer comfort, you can also experience this and more here at Nova Recovery.

Take rehab seriously and aim for a singular rehabilitation experience by utilising the most specialist services through drug and alcohol rehab.

Reach out today if you have any questions around what we offer here at Nova Recovery, and how we can either help you or a loved one through residential rehab.