At the beginning of rehabilitation detoxing from drugs and alcohol will be essential for withdrawal. Positive and stable coping strategies will be required to live without the effects of such substances. Long-term planning will also be a necessity to reduce future relapse.

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To recover for the long term from addiction, the above steps must be worked through. The goals are all possible to complete through drug and alcohol rehab, physical, psychological, and lasting recovery.

Through a range of effective treatments and therapies, working towards each goal is likely. Recommended to meet your personal needs, a bespoke treatment programme will be available to ease the process.

Experience what it takes to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Renfrewshire selected to meet your needs. From our private addiction recovery hospital, here at Nova Recovery, you can expect such suitability.

Reach out to detox, to rehabilitate and to plan for the future towards addiction recovery.

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Addiction treatment support

In short, addiction treatment is essential to recover. Without it, it won’t be easy to recover with confidence and stability in mind. Reasonably, withdrawing from drugs and alcohol and setting some goals may be done without professional support. Yet, in most cases, both cravings and triggers are found to deter such chances, causing a relapse.

Treatment must be worked through to live a drug and alcohol-free life, where you can confidently manage their influences. Such a high-quality treatment will be available through a private drug and alcohol rehab in Renfrewshire, ensuring that your needs can be catered to.

Both suitability and progress are essential through addiction treatment, meaning that you can personally progress whilst also remaining safe and comfortable. Through either an inpatient or outpatient programme, such a level of personal discretion and consideration can be expected.

Guided by a range of professionals, necessary treatment services can be worked through to their fullest to increase the chances of recovery. Observations and recommendations will help pave the way to ensure that sobriety is for now and the future.

Drug and alcohol rehab is designed to treat addiction whilst making it a manageable condition through everyday life. A timeline of leading treatments makes that possible, offered from our Nova Recovery private hospital.


Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Detoxification is an indefinite treatment that must be worked through to recover. Detoxing helps to heal the body by eliminating all influential toxins. Through detox techniques and medications, the body can stabilise as drugs and alcohol are eliminated.

Usually carried out over a 7–10-day timeframe, detoxification is at its safest through inpatient rehab. Providing a private and secure setting, medical assistance will be constant through private rehab.

The end goal of detoxification is to work through withdrawal symptoms comfortably, with full opportunities for sobriety.


Clinically Led Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatments of a clinical nature must also be completed to recover from addiction. Drugs and alcohol heavily impact the mind, from mood and outlook to emotional responses and stability. A range of therapies must therefore work to unravel such impacts whilst improving mental health.

Here at Nova Recovery, we specialise in addiction and mental health recovery, providing our team with a wide range of treatment services. By understanding the psychological consequences of addiction, for you personally, we will recommend suitable options.

Treatments and therapies will be most effective through inpatient rehab, as a consistent stream can be completed whilst checking into a residential clinic. Yet a schedule of therapy can also be accessed on an outpatient basis.

Clinically lead addiction treatment services include stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, one-to-one therapy, group therapy, family therapy, motivational therapy, and dialectical behavioural therapy. Those which are suitable will be combined to create a tailored programme for you.

The end goal of therapy will be to improve mental health, develop positive coping strategies, and prepare for life back in Renfrewshire, all supporting sober living.


Relapse Prevention Planning

Planning for the future is imperative when recovering from an addiction. Whilst sobriety can be reached at this point; it can also begin to suppress post-rehab. Down to this, relapse prevention planning is encouraged as a part of rehab to plan for everyday life.

Relapse risks can surface through the most menial tasks or norms. Preventive steps will be necessary to prepare for them, reduce their impacts, and have a plan in place to overcome them.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Renfrewshire, you’ll be assigned a dedicated team to consider your lifestyle and high-risk situations. You’ll then have the chance to develop a sustainable plan to follow to maintain sobriety.

Addiction recovery is intended as lasting, which is why support through relapse prevention and aftercare will continue on your discharge.

The end goal of relapse prevention will be to feel comfortable and confident with returning to everyday life.


How To Access Addiction Support?

To complete such practical steps, accessing professional addiction support will be unquestionable. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Renfrewshire, quality support will be available, working around your needs.

You can access our support at Nova Recovery by completing a self-referral into rehab. At this point, we will work with you through the admissions process to get to know your needs and deliver a programme that will fulfil them.

The following steps of drug and alcohol rehabilitation must be life-changing. Experience them with our support to turn sobriety into a long-term choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a link between addiction and mental health issues?

There is a link between addiction and mental health issues. Both disorders can develop alongside one another, known as a dual diagnosis. Mental health issues are a common symptom of addiction. Substance abuse is also a common coping strategy of poor mental health. The link is complicated and damaging, requiring professional treatment.

How do I get into rehab?

To access rehab, you’ll need to complete a self-referral, which will begin your admissions process. Your admission will then assess the suitability of rehab, followed by arranging your rehab programme.

Contact our team to refer yourself into rehab.

Can I refer an employee to rehab?

Professional referrals are available through drug and alcohol rehab. You can contact our team here at Nova Recovery, with your concerns, to source some guidance. An intervention may also be required, to increase the acceptance of rehab, which we can also help with.