The prospect of visiting a mental health hospital can be daunting. From what to expect from treatments and therapies to the type of approach you’ll be welcomed with, familiarising oneself with a necessary yet unacquainted service can be tough.

Recognised as a leading private mental health hospital, here at Nova Recovery, we appreciate how testing such steps can be, which may in fact be placing pressure on you, stressing you out and aggravating your symptoms.

We however hope that your response can change, by sharing with you in this blog a range of expectations for your time at a recovery hospital.

If you’re struggling with a mental health condition, or symptoms, while it may feel easier to hide away, live in denial, or cope through unhealthy responses, at some point, visiting a mental health hospital will be necessary.

The sooner you can commit, the easier your recovery process will be, subsequently increasing your opportunities for long-term recovery. We do not say this to scare you, but to highlight the value that mental health treatments and therapies carry, helping you confidentially and confidently recover.

Here’s what to expect during your time at a mental health hospital, covering your admission and our treatment and aftercare services here at Nova Recovery.


The necessity of visiting a mental health hospital

If you’re struggling with any degree of mental health issues, it is essential to understand that some form of support will be required. While daunting to expect, such support will however be beneficial, to help you manage your symptoms and experience a state of recovery.

Without viewing mental health treatment and therapies as an essential step, there’s a strong chance that you may aim to self-treat, to live through the side effects, or to manage your symptoms negatively. All are common results for clients with mental health issues, which unfortunately do not alleviate symptoms, but intensify them.

Enabling mental health issues can lead to serious health concerns, to a dual diagnosis, and to irreversible impacts, requiring life-long management. Down to such potential outcomes, the sooner you can see mental health support as a necessity, the greater your recovery process and quality of life will be.

Work on yourself, on your self-awareness, on your confidence, on your wellbeing, on your lifestyle and on your mental health, by experiencing the value of a private recovery hospital.


Admission into mental health hospital

‘What to expect during your time at a mental health hospital?’, is a common theme directing our FAQs, from the contents of recovery hospital, all the way to the admission process.

Your admission into mental health hospital can in fact be completed efficiently, privately and personally through our services.

By reaching out, a pre-admission screening will take place, which is the moment that allows for our team to gauge your needs, understand the severity of your mental health issues, and consider your circumstances. All areas must be covered to ultimately understand the type of care you require, helping to form and enhance a personal recovery programme for you.

Recommendations will be made from your screening results, where details around your admission date, your personal programme and your expected recovery process will be communicated. At this point, you can look ahead to experience your time at a mental health hospital, with recovery as a realistic and reliable aim.


What to expect during your time at a mental health hospital?

From what to bring, to your impending recovery steps, knowing what to expect during your time at a mental health hospital is important. Such familiarity can help with acceptance levels, can offer comfort, can increase trust and can also ease responses to mental health treatments and therapies.

Starting with treatment and therapies, you’ll be recommended a range on a personal basis, based on your needs and the strength/makeup of your mental health issues.

A common range of treatments are promoted, including cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, dialectical behavioural therapy, mindfulness and wellbeing management.

This foundation tends to cover a wide spectrum of mental health issues, down to the nature of brain functionality and responses. However, depending on the type of mental health issue you’re encountering, you’ll also experience niche recommendations.

Your time at a mental health hospital should look to be positive. You can reside in a friendly and stable environment, you’ll have access to supportive resources, you’ll feel guided and encouraged, you’ll have the ability to involve your loved ones, and you’ll have the support of like-minded peers. You’ll partake in activities that promote your wellbeing, which elevate your lifestyle, and which help to inspire balance; all benefiting your mental health.

Knowing what to bring with you or how to prepare for the hospital can be challenging, as it’s a new step. However, on your admission, you will be guided with a range of recommendations, you’ll be encouraged to look into what’s ahead, and you’ll be advised to bring personal, important items to live from our private mental health hospital.

Ultimately, during your time here at Nova Recovery, you can expect to encounter an experience of a mental health hospital that offers a personal structure, promoting recovery. You’ll have everything at your disposal to contribute to a progressive and comfortable programme, along with tools to enhance and stabilise your mental health.


Aftercare expectations

Visiting a mental health hospital can provide significant respite, can provide direction, and can provide tools to manage and recover from mental health symptoms. However, to protect such results, aftercare services should also be expected to ease your recovery journey, from offering a 24/7 helpline, to virtual and face to face meetings.

This is an expectation and a standard offering that falls after a personal mental health programme, to strengthen recovery goals with realism in mind.

It’s natural that the above expectations may make you feel anxious or nervous. Visiting a mental health hospital will likely be new, causing a sense of unfamiliarity. Yet the best way you can recover and stabilise will be through accepting and gauging the impending steps of mental health treatment and therapy.

For more information on ‘what to expect during your time at a mental health hospital?’, contact our team for even greater insight into our approach and offering at Nova Recovery.

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