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Maya Haworth

I stayed at Nova for 28 days and the experience was fantastic.

After staying in 2 other institutions this was by far worth the money and they helped me come off cocaine and weed. Aswell as stopping me pacing. Staff are fantastic, foods incredible and the building inside is really modern and furnished well.

Would recommend to anyone.

Thank you Nova!

Oliver Ewer

Nova recovery saved my life.

I came in here very, very unwell and they have done everything to make sure I had a comfortable stay, they attended to all my needs and there was no issue at all with any staff – they were so welcoming!

The food is great too, BIG LOVE.

Bryn Cragg

Nova has literally SAVED my life.

The staff are insanely friendly and helpful.

I learned so much about addiction and about myself, thats gave me the tools to handle my problems on the outside world.

They made me believe in my self and taught me how to put my self FIRST.

I have battled cocaine addiction for over 6 years, and i wish i found this place sooner.

I felt a family member and loved by all in Nova lodge.

I HIGHLY recommend Nova for anyone who struggles with addiction. You will NOT be disappointed The settings around this place is perfect for recovery, with a beach, hills, and things to make you find clarity.

I highly recommend this miracle place.

Thank you

Emma O’Neill

Fantastic services. Staff are fab