Alcohol rehab is a medically designed and accredited process, service and programme which helps people through alcohol problems, abuse, and addiction.

It’s designed to cater to various people due to the unpredictable and common diagnosis of alcoholism. Offering tailored treatment plans and recovery programmes, alcohol rehab provides the guidance and tools to withdraw from and overcome the addictiveness of alcohol.

From a wide range of treatments and therapies to relapse prevention plans, alcohol rehab is equipped to facilitate a comprehensive recovery experience. Such experiences can be encountered through inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab, showing the diversity of alcohol rehab.

Both rehab programmes offer direct access to Rehab, its services, facilities, and teams of medical/addiction specialists. Yet carrying various timelines, costs, deliveries and success rates, there are key differences to consider before the admissions process.

Here’s some insight into alcohol rehab – inpatient and outpatient rehab explained, running through our available programmes at Nova Recovery.


What is alcohol rehab?

Alcohol rehab is a haven suitable for people struggling with alcohol problems. Whether it’s accessed for support and guidance, for treatment or full rehabilitation efforts, alcohol rehab provides personal levels of care.

Combining a range of addiction treatments, therapies, facilities, environments and recovery steps, alcohol rehab is designed to alleviate the burden of addiction. It helps clients withdraw, recover, rebuild, and prepare for life after rehab.

Rehabilitating offers the tools, outlooks and understanding to remain sober. Recovering from alcoholism is a long-term process, which must be sustainable. Alcohol rehab provides the foundation for long-term recovery, providing realistic recovery rates rather than quick fixes.

Quick fixes do not exist whilst recovering from an addiction, and Rehab is the most effective process to complete. Here’s some insight into how you can achieve it as we touch on ‘alcohol rehab – inpatient and outpatient rehab explained.’


What are the differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment?

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes are both rehab options to consider, and they can be facilitated via private Rehab, providing access for a wide range of people. Both programmes are safe, medically assisted, and accredited and are offered with long-term recovery as an end goal.

There are, however, differences between both alcohol rehab options, mostly linked to costs, timings, and recovery experiences. Being aware of both is essential to make a mindful decision on admission into alcohol rehab.

Inpatient rehab, also known as residential Rehab, allows checking into private Rehab. A 28-day programme can be worked through, entirely completed via Rehab with total commitment. Due to the level and consistency of care and the rehab facilities on offer, inpatient addiction treatment is the most expensive form of private rehab. Yet to justify this, it’s also the most productive and effective form of alcohol rehab whilst treating addiction.

You can access inpatient rehab immediately to begin the recovery process. Each step, treatment and service will be medically assisted and personally recommended. Residing in a recovery-driven environment will also offer high levels of privacy, relaxation, and focus.

Outpatient rehab provides the opportunity to visit rehab, following an accommodating schedule. Suitable to complete daily responsibilities, such as work, outpatient treatment is regularly arranged. Depending on the severity of your alcohol addiction, treatment sessions will be arranged over several months, either daily, a few times a week, or once a week.

An outpatient treatment programme can also begin as soon as you’re ready. Visits will be medically assisted, whilst self-help and outpatient support will be invaluable whilst returning home. Outpatient Rehab is the most affordable rehab option. Yet, it does take the longest to complete, acting as a hindrance for some people.

Selecting the most suitable inpatient and outpatient rehab option is essential to secure positive recovery experiences and rates. Both are personalised and can be an instrumental part of the recovery process. Yet, one will be more viable than the other, depending on your circumstances.


Treatment options for alcohol addiction

Alcohol rehab programmes offer access to a range of treatment options and plans. Treatment plans help to uncover the cause of alcohol abuse whilst treating the effects that it’s had.

The type of treatment you’ll complete at Nova Recovery will depend on the severity and history of your alcohol problems. All clients require various levels and types of support, which is why we promote tailored addiction treatment plans. A plan can be created for you after inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab, considering all-round recovery and restoration.

Physical and mental recovery will be aimed for through treatment sessions. It’s crucial to plan for holistic recovery, as relapse risks are found to reduce through all-round recovery.

The type of treatment options for alcohol addiction that we promote include:

  • Alcohol detox, medically assisted to ease withdrawal symptoms
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Therapy for family members
  • Group therapy
  • Support groups
  • Stress management
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Mental health treatment, such as stress treatment
  • Aftercare plans 
  • Holistic and wellbeing services

Through our private recovery hospital, alcohol rehab can be worked through by advancing through a range of the above treatments. Inpatient rehab is the most recommended and favoured structure to follow due to its benefits. Yet, we’re flexible and offer accommodating treatment plans, considering individual needs.

Your selection between inpatient and outpatient rehab will affect the flow and timings of treatment. For example, inpatient treatment is daily and consistent, offering an intense approach, and outpatient treatment is less frequent yet is still consistent enough to work.

Reach out for our guidance at Nova recovery to make your decision. We can provide even greater information regarding alcohol rehab – inpatient and outpatient rehab explained.

Making the right decision could differentiate between long-term or short-term recovery. Aim for long-term recovery through a tailored alcohol rehab plan here at Nova Recovery.

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