Arising from various factors such as increased workloads, problems at home, lack of control over certain situations and lifestyle changes, across the United Kingdom, 74% of adults experience stress on a daily basis.

Although stress is prevalent and often alleviates naturally, some individuals find it difficult to relieve stress.  As a result, in some instances, especially when acute and chronic stress is encountered, stress can have numerous pessimistic repercussions on an individual’s life.

Sadly, when left undealt with, stress can cause other mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression, to arise.  Stress is also known to regrettably cause a number of people to contemplate suicide.

If you find your life impaired by stress, there are a wealth of simple strategies for stress relief.  Treatment is also readily available for you to take advantage of, should you need to.


Our Top 5 Simple Strategies For Stress Relief

To help you uncover how you can relieve yourself of the stress you encounter, here at Nova Recovery, we have outlined our top 5 simple strategies for stress relief.


1. Participate In A Form Of Exercise

Although exercise is encouraged due to the physical benefits it affords, exercise is known to reduce stress significantly.

While you may not always feel up to participating in exercise when stress takes over, research has shown that doing so can reduce stress levels.  This is because exercising, even just for a few minutes, encourages endorphins to release.  As a result, you will find that your overall mood is boosted, leaving you relieved of stress.

In addition to the above, studies conducted by Harvard Medical School also determine that exercise alleviates the physical symptoms associated with stress.  These often include muscle stiffness, headaches and digestive system problems.

When it comes to exercise, the Mental Health Foundation states that even 10-minutes of walking a day can help reduce stress and improve self-esteem and energy.

Yoga and meditation are also highly effective yet simple forms of stress relief.


2. Journal For 15 Minutes

Another simple yet effective strategy for stress relief is journaling.  A study published by Cambridge University previously determined that journaling for 15 minutes a few times a week can improve both psychological and physical symptoms relating to stress.

This is because journaling can essentially help you reflect on the factors that cause you to encounter stress.

Unbeknown to many, journaling is almost as beneficial as therapy. This is because reviewing what causes stress to arise via journaling will help you to develop coping strategies, just as therapy does.  In turn, you will manage stress better and have the ability to avoid any triggers that are likely to cause stress to arise.


3. Talk To Someone You Trust

If, like many other individuals who encounter stress, you often keep your worries to yourself, now may be the time to talk to someone you trust.

Although, understandably, you may feel apprehensive about doing so, talking to someone you trust about the stress you encounter and the worries that cause stress to impair your life will benefit you greatly.

This is because voicing your worries will enable you to seek reassurance.  It will also offer you relief from the stress that will have likely built up over time.

If you are concerned about talking to a loved one or friend and would prefer not to speak to someone you know about the stress that is hindering your life, there are many health professionals, such as therapists and mental health support workers that you could turn to in your time of need.


4. Get A Good Night Sleep

As thoughts, worries, and concerns swirl in your mind, you may find it harder to switch off at night.  As a result, when stress impairs the quality of your life, it is not uncommon for you to feel somewhat restless.  You may even find yourself struggling with insomnia.  Sadly, this is because stress hinders and reduces the quality of your sleep.

While you may believe that getting a good night sleep is easier said than done, there are a number of techniques that you can employ to encourage a better night sleep.

For example, participating in a form of exercise is known to improve sleep.  Journaling before bed can also encourage a better night sleep as writing down your thoughts and feelings will enable you to relieve yourself of the stress that you may have encountered throughout the day.

Removing electronics from the bedroom and ensuring that you create a calm space to relax in before sleeping will also help you get a good night sleep.  In turn, you will feel refreshed and will find that you are able to relieve yourself of the stress experienced.


5. Listen To Music

Last but certainly not least on our list of 5 simple strategies for stress relief is listening to music.

Unbeknown to many, listening to music can induce various emotions.  For example, as explained by the University of Nevada, listening to upbeat music can make you feel more alert.

Just as listening to upbeat music can alter your mood, listening to slow music has proven to help relax both the mind and body.   This is because slow music can soothe the mind and help you enter a state of relaxation.

Although listening to slow music may not necessarily suit your taste, doing so, especially when you encounter stress, will help you navigate the feelings you experience and assist you as you look to overcome them.


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If you have attempted to take advantage of our top 5 simple strategies for stress relief, yet still find that you feel overwhelmed, it may be in your best interest to secure stress treatment.

At Nova Recovery, we are on hand to offer help, advice and treatment for stress at our rehab hospital based in Largs, Scotland

Combining many psychological and well-being treatments, our stress treatment has helped many individuals manage stress better.

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