However, for some individuals, attending a local rehab is not deemed appropriate.

If you sadly find yourself struggling with an addiction and have previously attempted to overcome your dependency via a drug and alcohol rehab in Caerphilly, we welcome you to attend our private residential rehab hospital in Scotland.

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Located in the tranquil Largs, our rehab hospital offers treatment for addictions and stress-related mental health illness.

Attending A Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Caerphilly

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Caerphilly provide localised treatment options to individuals that find themselves struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

Although localised treatment can be somewhat beneficial for many, some individuals find that localised treatment hinders their recovery or makes it harder for them to recover from their addiction.

Unbeknown to many, this is often because attending a local drug and alcohol rehab sees an individual surrounded by the factors that may have caused their addiction to initially arise.  In addition, attending a local rehab sees many unable to escape everyday life and relax as they undergo treatment.

If you have previously attempted to overcome your addiction at a drug and alcohol rehab in Caerphilly, this may well resonate with you.  Sadly, attending a local rehab may have prevented you from truly recuperating from the physical and psychological ramifications of your addiction.

You may have even found it difficult to control any cravings and triggers experienced upon completing rehab treatment, which will have unfortunately caused you to experience a relapse.

Attending A Rehab Further From Home

Although attending a local rehab can often hinder an individual’s ability to make a long-term recovery, the same cannot be said for attending a private residential rehab hospital, such as our own.

Attending a private residential rehab hospital significantly increases an individual’s chance of overcoming their addiction once and for all.

This is because private residential rehab hospitals offer a safe space for those in recovery to relax, recuperate and reflect on their addiction.

Attending a private residential rehab hospital also offers those in recovery the ability to remove themselves from their everyday life.  Away from the stress of home and work, many find it much easier to navigate their recovery.

Attending Our Private Residential Rehab Hospital

If you have previously attended a drug and alcohol rehab in Caerphilly and now find yourself looking for additional treatment, we welcome you to attend our private residential rehab hospital.

Offering industry-leading treatments, our state of the art rehab hospital focuses on healing both the body and the mind.  While you may think that overcoming an addiction simply requires you to physically withdraw from substances, this is not true.

If an addiction impairs your life and you have experienced a relapse, you will need to undergo psychological treatment, such as therapy.

Should you attend our rehab hospital, you will find yourself surrounded by support and medical guidance at all times.  You will also have the ability to take advantage of our state of the art facilities, such as private bedrooms, spacious therapy rooms and external gardens.

Although the thought of attending a residential rehab hospital may leave you feeling somewhat hesitant, we guarantee that upon entering our hospital, you will find that these feelings and emotions alleviate.

We Provide Evidenced Based Therapeutic Programmes

At Nova Recovery, we pride ourselves on only offering evidence-based therapeutic programmes that are proven to support an individual’s recovery from addictions and mental health disorders.

Combining therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy, our treatment programmes can help you understand the causes of your addiction, challenge negative behaviours and help you improve your outlook on life.

It should be noted that all of our treatment programmes are personalised to the needs of our clients.  Essentially, this means that the treatment you receive upon attending our rehab will focus on your addiction and recovery needs and goals.

To ensure that you are provided with the treatment you need to overcome your addiction, we will conduct a clinical assessment shortly after you arrive and settle into our rehab hospital.

Completing our clinical assessment will ensure that our team of psychiatrists, nurse managers, nurse specialists and support therapists understand your addiction and can provide suitable treatment.

During the clinical assessment, you will be asked a number of questions.  Although talking about your addiction may see you encounter various emotions, please remember that we are on hand to support you at all times.

Your recovery is just as important to us as it is to you, and we want to ensure that you are equipped with the treatment, guidance and resources you need.

Referring Yourself To Our Drug and Rehab Hospital

If you are ready to turn your life around and believe that attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Caerphilly is not in your best interest, referring yourself to our drug and alcohol rehab hospital for treatment could not be easier.

Our simple admissions process requires you to contact us to discuss your addiction.  Upon doing so, we will answer any questions you may have about our rehab hospital and treatment.  We can offer you free, confidential advice, and we will ensure that you are aware of your options.

Upon discussing your addiction with us, if you are happy to go ahead and refer yourself for treatment, we will ask you to complete a pre-screening assessment.

This will help us understand your addiction in greater detail and identify which treatment you will need.  From here, we will take a small deposit to secure your place in our rehab hospital before providing an admissions date.

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Having come to understand how we can support you, we welcome you to contact us as soon as possible to refer yourself for treatment.

Regardless of whether you have previously progressed through treatment or not, we are confident that we can assist you in securing a long-term recovery.