This far, you may have been made to feel that you’ve done everything wrong. From the stigmatisation of addiction to the stereotypes attached to addicts, you may regret or personally judge the decisions and steps you’ve taken.

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It is however important to remember that you haven’t decided to become addicted to drugs and alcohol, nor do you fit into a category.

If you do however feel negatively towards yourself and your relationship with drugs and alcohol, there is a right way that you can press ahead, through acceptance, through forgiveness and through change.

Doing so via a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport can be one way to resolve your problems, with yourself, with others and with the addictive substances of drugs and alcohol.

Yet here at Nova Recovery, we understand how challenging that may be if you are worried about judgment or invasive experiences.

We also appreciate that greater care, with a focus on your mental health, may be required, which may not feel accessible through your local rehab clinic.

A reassuring and reliable way that you can instead experience a private opportunity of drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be through our offering here at Nova Recovery, a leading private addiction recovery hospital.

Set away from Newport, away from judgment, away from stigmatisation, and away from generalised forms of recovery, you can act, by doing what’s right for yourself.

Please do not beat yourself up for your relationship with drugs and alcohol. Addiction can develop for any individual, down to no choice at all.

You can however find peace and feel like you’re taking the right step by embarking on addiction recovery.


Should I visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport for treatment?

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport, to complete addiction treatment, will be a strong option for you.

By investing in a local yet private rehab clinic, you can expect high standards, as you work to complete rehab.

However, if you are struggling with judgment or the fear of, remaining local may not be favoured by yourself. We understand this here at Nova Recovery, which is why we offer residential rehabilitation from our private hospital.

By leaving Newport, you’ll have the chance to leave behind your anxieties, your fears of judgment, your worries over privacy and your drug and alcohol influences.

Such a move will do you the world of good on a psychological level, showcasing control and power.

Distancing yourself from your current lifestyle will also benefit your ability to detach from drugs and alcohol, and the role that they play in your life.

It is important that you select the right setting and the right offering for your needs. Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport may be ideal for others.

Yet, for you, a haven here in Largs may be the most effective recommendation to follow.


How invasive is treatment?

Addiction treatment is seen as invasive, as it is the driver of change and withdrawal. While withdrawal symptoms will be experienced, expectedly as drug and alcohol traces reduce, and while talking therapies will uncover your emotions and causations, treatment is safe and protective.

You do not need to worry about your wellbeing, your privacy or your emotional stability while experiencing treatment here at Nova Recovery.

We endorse suitable addiction treatment options for each client, safeguarding comfort and security.

Via drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, treatment will in fact be effective, high-quality and medically recommended, offering confidence with what’s ahead.


A 28-day programme will likely be recommended to you either if you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport or our private hospital.

This is down to the value that such timeframe provides when promoting change. If you are hoping to move in the right direction, you’ll need to adapt your current habits and outlooks.

It can take 4 weeks to unravel and deter such habits, while also developing healthy behaviours.

The 28-day period will also be encouraged to ensure that you’ve worked through withdrawal symptoms, encountered enough emotional support, planned through relapse prevention and had the opportunity to complete dual diagnosis treatment, if relevant.

Giving yourself enough time to recover is very important. Trusting the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is very important.

Dedicating yourself for the next few months is very important. Follow such guidance and you will benefit from a transformational encounter of addiction recovery.


How can I safeguard sobriety?

Sobriety is a significant goal and achievement to safeguard. Throughout rehab, all forms of drug and alcohol exposure will be removed, easily maintaining sobriety. However, once you return home to Newport, you may feel vulnerable to such exposure.

You can work to safeguard your efforts by minimising drug and alcohol exposure, leaning on your relapse prevention plan if you do experience cravings, following a positive routine, and by listening to your emotions.

Reaching the status of sobriety is doable via rehab. Safeguarding is also possible on a post-rehab basis, by immersing oneself in full recovery mode.


Will I be fully recovered after rehab?

Completing a rehab programme here at Nova Recovery, on average, promotes initial recovery. This is a realistic goal attached to any rehab experience.

Addiction recovery as a process in fact starts after rehab, as you’ll be tested within your reality.

Leaving rehab fully recovered is an unrealistic outlook to have, as your efforts will naturally need to continue. Yet, reaching the milestone where you are sober, prepared for long-term recovery, and equipped with a plan is realistic.

This will be the case whether you recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport or select residential rehab.

Such selection will however impact your experience, which can have a direct effect on how you recover for the long term.

Safeguard a positive and progressive experience here at Nova Recovery, to leave behind your current vulnerabilities.

Turn your wrongs into rights by accepting professional support through our private addiction recovery hospital. Do what’s right for you and your future, addiction-free.