Drug and alcohol addiction is a prevalent problem across the UK that affects not only the person abusing substances but all the family, friends, and work colleagues around them. Despite casual drinking and drug-taking being met with little serious thought by many today, it can quickly turn to ruin lives, jobs, and relationships.

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Eventually, many people conclude that they need professional help at a drug and alcohol rehab centre. At Nova Recovery we understand the uneasiness and uncertainty that comes with deciding you need to get clean. Seeking help locally via the NHS is a path to recovery you can go down, but it is not always reliable. Due to current circumstances, there is a massive backlog in health services and many people are unable to get the immediate help they may need.

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Are you suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction and need help? If so, Nova Recovery are leading UK based experts in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today.

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Choosing the Nova Recovery Addiction Recovery Hospital

One option is our private hospital located in Largs on the west coast of Scotland. It may seem like a long way to go from Pontypridd but the location and services we offer will make it worth the journey and money.

With Nova Recovery you will be assured of industry-leading residential addiction treatment in an idyllic setting with facilities that are hard to beat. At Nova Recovery you would enjoy premier accommodation, meals cooked by an on-site chef and the chance to explore the beaches and country paths nearby. More importantly, you will be under constant care from our experienced staff whilst undergoing a treatment programme that has been tailored specifically towards your circumstance.

Coming up to Scotland from Wales is a commitment but your time here will give you the chance to break away from the environment that fostered your addiction and allow you to escape daily triggers. This escape, whilst maintaining comfort and security, might just be the jump-start you need to achieve long-term recovery.


Finding a Rehab Near Me

Some people (and you may be one of them) don’t feel comfortable going so far afield for treatment. This is completely valid and works for many people who feel they will succeed in treatment being closer to family and friends and retaining that sense of belonging to their local area.

You can find rehab in Pontypridd, though we cannot speak to the standard of care you would receive. Local charities and organisations that deal with addiction can help you find the information you need and offer guidance in the same way we can.

When it comes to choosing where to attend rehab it is best to keep an open mind. At Nova Recovery our standards of care, level of accommodation, range of treatments and recovery rates speak for themselves. With us, you undoubtedly get the tools and techniques you need to stay sober on the outside and start living a substance-free life.


Treatment Options at Nova Recovery

At Nova Recovery our intensive and wide-ranging with help you deal with the physical and psychological symptoms and causes of addiction. During your time with us you will undergo drug or alcohol detox like at a detoxification clinic. The detoxification process will help ease the symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal and safely end the dependence your body has on these substances.

After this time, which usually takes a week, the rest of your time will be spent in therapy. Individual therapy and group therapy are essential tools to understanding your addiction and learning tools to combat it. Through therapeutic methods such as stress management and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, you will learn ways to approach problem solving, evolve away from negative thought patterns and learn to come to life with a more positive outlook.

Knowing that sometimes mental health and addiction go together, Nova Recovery offers dual-diagnosis to anyone that requires it. This type of treatment aims to deal with the concurrent issues that need different approaches and affect medication regimes that you may need during your time with us.

All the available therapy options at Nova Recovery have been scientifically proven to help recovery and the programme you will undergo will be tailored towards you specifically.


Relapse Prevention

The fear of relapsing is something that plagues every person’s mind who leaves rehab. The first months after getting clean can be an overwhelming time as you must adjust to a new way of living, aware that there is always the chance you could slip back into old habits.

We know this is a critical time in every recovering addict’s journey—which is why we stress the importance of aftercare so much.

After your time with us you will have access to a free 12-month personalised aftercare package, considering the many factors that make up your situation. With our package you will be encouraged to attend weekly meetings with people going through the same thing as you, helping you build up a support network that can help you through the hard times after rehab.

The journey to recovery doesn’t end when you leave rehab, and neither does your relationship with us at Nova Recovery.


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If you are looking for more information about our drug and alcohol services here at Nova Recovery, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can speak to one of our team by calling 01475 303998 or email us at info@novarecovery.co.uk.

We also offer family drug support and family and friend referral services if you are concerned about someone close to you and wish to explore rehab options with one of our team. Whatever you need, Nova Recovery is here for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a link between addiction and mental health issues?

Addiction and mental health issues can be related to one another, though not always. People suffering from mental health problems such as depression often self-medicate using alcohol or drugs rather than seeking professional help. Substances like these can exacerbate mental health problems, thus putting them in a destructive cycle of drug and alcohol abuse.

How do I get into rehab?

Getting in touch with our admissions team is a free and easy way to start the recovery journey. Our admissions team can take you through the whole process and get an admission date sorted out quickly so you can get the addiction treatment that you need. If you are going to a private drug and alcohol rehab like Nova Recovery you will have to pay, including a deposit, so it’s important to have the available funds. The services private facility offers are sought after and places go quickly so it’s vital you secure a place.

Can I refer an employee to rehab?

Absolutely. Our admissions team offer a professional referral service in which we help you help an employee that may need drug and alcohol treatment. We will take you through our admissions process and help you understand the best ways at approaching the subject with your employee. Reaching out to us and finding ways to help your employee will be a benefit to you and your business long-term. That person having access to a livelihood during treatment and after will be a great comfort and you will increase their loyalty and engagement in the business.