Are you living in denial? Are you justifying your excessive drug and alcohol consumption? Are you enabling your addiction? If so, as difficult as this may be to hear, you will also be accepting many dangers linked to drug and alcohol abuse.

Unfortunately, for some individuals, potentially like yourself, it can be difficult to shake off those feelings. They are all commonly used as protection from the reality of addiction.

Whether that’s protection from judgment and stigmatisation, to the fear of facing up to substance abuse, to the worry of giving up drugs, alcohol and their presence, there are many reasons why you may be stuck in this thought process.

However, the longer that you accept and fuel your addiction for, the worse off your physical and psychological health and your quality of life will be.

This is why we are here today, at Nova Recovery, to encourage the acceptance of acknowledgement, by committing to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

We understand how severe addictions can become if uncontrolled. We also appreciate how damaging suffering alone and hiding away from reality can be.

We hope to boost your awareness around long-term drug and alcohol abuse, along with ways to break the cycle and shake off your addictive and jeopardising behaviours.

Look beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter to experience our support, on a private, non-judgmental and reliable level.


The dangers of denial, justification and enablement

In the moment, denial, justification and enablement will be your best friends.

Denial will help you overcome any degree of judgment, justification will help you reason with excessive and unhealthy levels of drug and alcohol abuse, and enablement will help you give in to your cravings.

Ultimately, they are protective sources for those with drug and alcohol addictions.

Yet, by giving in to those feelings, overcoming addiction will be that much harder. In reality, you’ll likely be using drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy.

The impacts of your consumption will then be protected by the likes of denial, resulting in a deep-rooted issue, stemming from your triggers.

Through this relationship, it can be difficult to see what’s real, how normal your consumption is, and how severe your drug and alcohol addiction are.

This is exactly why they are dangerous, beyond their protective characteristics.

Down to these feelings, you may even struggle now to recognise the damage that your consumption of drugs and alcohol are causing.

Yet, we hope that through reading our website, that you’ll soon begin to see the necessity of self-acknowledgement, of giving in, and rehabilitating for the long-term.


Looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter

If you reach a point where you’re ready to acknowledge your problems with drugs and alcohol, which we hope that you do, there’s a likelihood that you’ll hope to keep this private.

We understand how challenging it can be to admit your problems to yourself, never mind those around you. With this in mind, visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab should be your next step, helping you withdraw and recover.

For many, this recommendation will follow with admission into a local rehab hospital. Yet, if you’re already concerned about the stigma or judgment of others, looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter will be encouraged.

This is where our offering can support you, by helping you remove yourself from life in Exeter, from potential judgment, and from influential stimuli, offering a private and peaceful take on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

You may feel reluctant on an initial basis to open up to strangers about your drug and alcohol problems.

Yet we can vouch for our compassionate and non-judgmental approach, here to simply support and guide you.

We care about your rehab experience, about the privacy that you can encounter and about the comfort that you can feel while changing your life throughout rehabilitating efforts.

You can continue to protect yourself, in a positive way by considering our rehab hospital over a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter.


Changing your outlooks through addiction treatment

If you’re struggling on a psychological level, in tandem with physical cravings of drugs and alcohol, changing your outlook, through rehab, will be a key aim.

This will especially be the aim if you’re battling with yourself or if you’re abusing drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy, or as a result of environmental, social or psychological influences.

Of course, detoxing from drugs and alcohol will prepare your body for a sober lifestyle. Yet your mind will control your ability to see beyond the current value of drugs and alcohol, with the potential to devalue their presence post-rehab.

This process will be available by completing a range of addiction treatment services, which meet your needs when considering your health and your outlooks.

Relapse prevention, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, accountability sessions and exposure therapy will be some of the treatment services that you’ll complete here at Nova Recovery.

Each will help you understand your thoughts, help you change your outlook on substance abuse, and help you learn to cope through healthy strategies, as you return to Exeter.


Adapting your lifestyle for the future

Alongside changing your outlooks and fixations, rehab will help you adapt your future by paving the way for a sober lifestyle.

Guidance will be offered throughout your rehab programme, with a focus on health, on wellbeing and on your relapse prevention plans.

Yet, adaptations will take place, post-rehab, when you return to your old reality in Exeter. This will be the test on whether you can sustain a sober living, by maintaining a life where drugs and alcohol carry little value.

By considering your physical and psychological health, your self-care, your coping strategies, your environments, your routine, and your relationships, you’ll have the capability to form a lifestyle which you enjoy, while also normalising the potential of sobriety.

This may currently feel like a big ask, as drugs and alcohol may be your life, your support systems, and your motivators. Yet, by withdrawing and changing your outlooks, you’ll soon have the energy and strength to detach yourself.

Do so with our support, by avoiding the potential worries you may already have linked to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Exeter.