Deciding to recover from addiction will be a personal choice. With this in mind, when coming to the selection of a drug and alcohol rehab hospital, to recover from, this should also be your own decision.

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Understandably, you will receive recommendations of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Medical professionals, this far, may have considered referring you through NHS treatment services, your family may have found the perfect rehab hospital, on paper, close to home, or a friend may have shared their experience with you of a rehab encounter. All will be valuable to either motivate addiction recovery or provide insight into rehab.

However, in order to fully benefit from drug and alcohol rehabilitation, building your own expectations and considering your own needs is very important. They will offer even greater value than the opinions of others.

See what to expect from two key rehabilitation options, accessible to you, including residential rehab and visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford. Both will be beneficial, yet to differing degrees depending on your needs.

Select the most effective, personal and comfortable type of rehab for you, which we can facilitate here at Nova Recovery.


Expectations of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford

There are many preconceived ideas of localised recovery, on both ends of the scale. Some individuals favour localised recovery, providing a comfortable and familiar rehab experience. Found to ease the process, you may have the potential to expect this from a drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford.

Yet, on the other end of the scale, some individuals worry about remaining in Oxford for addiction recovery. Whether that’s to do with self-pride, stigmatisation, or the concern that everyday life will disrupt rehabilitating efforts, residential rehab at a distance will be favoured.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to see whether you’ll excel and be able to manage on a local scale. If you do select a drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford, residential rehab should be prioritised anyway. Yet, even via a protective and comprehensive programme, the downfalls of localised recovery can be experienced.

Commonly, those with strong social, environmental or psychological links to drugs and alcohol will aim to avoid localised recovery. Yet, for you, you may feel a greater sense of motivation, being so close to home.


Expectations of considering residential rehab

Again, many ideas will be made up of residential rehab at a distance, where some will find this step unbearable, while others crave the privacy, structure and space it offers. It’s important to consider your personal expectations of rehab, and whether they will be best met through a residential rehab hospital.

At Nova Recovery, we advocate residential rehab as a standard. Its results continue to overreach those of outpatient care, down to structure, personalisation, 24/7 support and intensive milestones. Yet, combined with significant distance, this approach can either help or hinder your recovery.

Distance, on physical and psychological levels, will help the client’s recovery greater. Imagine the struggle of attempting to break away from drug and alcohol associations, while also combat withdrawal symptoms, on a local scale.

If this idea is challenging for you, this distance will help your rehabilitation process. If, however, you feel that removing yourself from your day to day will in fact hinder your recovery capabilities, residential rehab may not meet your expectations.

Through our recovery rates, this far, we’ve helped so many people leave their addictions behind and truly benefit from the intentions of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You can aim for this, with the potential to return to Oxford with a new lease of life, followed by the goal of sober living.


Meeting your expectations through suitable and personal rehab decisions

As we mentioned higher up, recommendations or the opinions of those around you can offer motivation and potential insight. Yet, as an addiction is a personal experience, it’s important that you decide on rehab for yourself.

What you envision from rehab when you close your eyes and consider your programme and your long-term recovery journey should help you make this decision. After all, your goals will be the driving force of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and not the goals of others.

We of course have goals for our clients, where we hope for long-term recovery for all. Yet, your expectations must be fulfilled, which is possible through suitable and personal rehab decisions.

If this is via a drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford, committing yourself will help you work towards those expectations. This will also be the case here at Nova Recovery, providing your personal take on residential rehab.


Experience personal care, addiction treatment and planning at Nova Recovery

To provide greater insight into what we can offer you at Nova Recovery, here’s what you can expect from a personal rehab programme.

The level of care that you’ll receive will be personal. We operate on a one-to-one basis, where you can begin to instil your trust into our dedicated team of highly qualified addiction counsellors, medical professionals and life coaches. On a 24/7 basis, you can expect to reach out to a listening ear, all the way to emotional and medical guidance.

Throughout your rehab programme, you will complete a wide range of suitable addiction treatment services, recommended to compliment your health and your addiction type.

This level of personalisation is very important, to help you overcome your physical and psychological battles with drugs and alcohol. You can expect to complete treatments including detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups and further psychologically driven treatment options.

Planning is also an important part of your recovery journey, helping you accept your new life back in Oxford with ease. Through relapse prevention planning, you’ll have confidence in your ability to combat any degree of relapse.

Through changing your lifestyle, you’ll have the ability to control drug and alcohol exposure. And through carefully structured goals and the utilisation of aftercare services, you’ll have forecasts in place to secure long-term recovery capabilities.

Naturally, through the challenges of addiction, it may seem easier to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford. Yet, in most cases, the easiest option will not achieve your recovery expectations.

Look into and prioritise your expectations to source and secure the most fitting and results-driven drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.