Are you feeling anxious about drug and alcohol rehabilitation? Are you leaning away from selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Leamington Spa, down to common worries of localised recovery? Yet are you also unsure whether relocating to our rehab hospital, in Scotland, is for you?

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Please be reassured that this is an extremely complex and overwhelming time. It’s very natural for you to have worries about such a significant step, investment and change, linked to rehab.

However, to combat those worries and help you find the right form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s important that you ask questions, that you consider your needs, and that you do your research.

As we’re aware here at Nova Recovery, completing significant research at this moment can be tough, especially while battling the physical and psychological effects of addiction.

With this in mind, we’ve condensed some relevant FAQs for you, below, to ease your decision-making process around drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

We also understand that you may have many personal concerns, doubts or enquiries around visiting drug and alcohol rehab.

If this is the case, we are here for you, to reduce the complexity of addiction recovery and help you benefit from the life-changing offering of rehab.


Do I have to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Leamington Spa?

No, you do not have to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Leamington Spa to recover from.

While localised recovery may be the case when considering NHS treatment services, private rehabilitation efforts do not have to be sourced on a local scale.

With this in mind, you can consider rehabilitation hospitals at a distance, such as our rehab hospital here at Nova Recovery.

If you’re already experiencing anxieties or doubts about localised recovery, acting on this and prioritising the selection of residential rehab will benefit you.

Through physical and psychological distance, you can significantly benefit from rehab, providing respite from your current reality, which will likely be heavily consumed by drugs and alcohol.

Avoiding any degree of influence can boost your recovery rates, which can be arranged via rehab hospitals like ours.


Is it normal for me to feel anxious about rehab?

Feeling anxious about rehab is very normal as it is a new experience for the majority of clients.

There are many misconceptions around rehab, there are many opinions around addiction recovery as a whole, and there are many unfamiliar stages of rehab which you’ll understandably lack insight into.

Down to this, please be easy on yourself. You’re committing to a life-changing experience which can significantly help you overcome drug and alcohol abuse.

Sourcing support for your anxious feelings will be wise to help you accept rehab and also respond positively once you select the most fitting form of rehab.


At Nova Recovery, we personalise all rehab programmes carrying personal treatment recommendations. This may be the case via a drug and alcohol rehab in Leamington Spa.

However, some rehab hospitals do unfortunately cut corners by offering a standardised rehab programme, which will commonly only motivate superficial recovery rates.

Through our rehab hospital, you can therefore expect a rehab programme which caters to your personal needs, soon followed by individual recommendations.

Those recommendations will definitely include both physical and psychological forms of addiction treatment. Yet, exact methods will be communicated and secured on your admission into our rehab hospital.

Common treatments, used to treat addiction include a drug and alcohol detox, stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy, relapse prevention, counselling and support groups. A fitting mix will combine to form your comprehensive rehab programme.


Why should I move to Scotland for rehab?

Through residential rehab, at Nova Recovery, we appreciate the worries that you may have. Moving from Leamington Spa, and leaving behind your life for a short period of time is a significant step to take.

Yet, to truly benefit from rehab and heal on physical and psychological levels, big changes are necessary. After all, you’ll likely feel consumed by drugs and alcohol.

Your routine, emotions, environments, relationships and responsibilities may all be affected by a degree by drugs and alcohol. By removing yourself from those effects, on a significant basis, you’ll have greater opportunities for change.

Distance is one reason why you should move to Scotland for rehab. Yet, the other reason is so you can experience our homely and affordable form of drug and alcohol rehab.

Through our residential rehab offering, you’ll reside in a positive environment which promotes balance and focus. Your comfort will be upheld by considering the private and personal characteristics of your stay.

The ability to complete residential rehab will also provide a quicker rehabilitation process, through intense and structured forms of addiction treatment.

By moving away for rehab, you can leave behind your drug and alcohol problems, soon returning to Leamington Spa with a new outlook, routine and lifestyle.


How can I maintain sobriety post-rehab?

The general consensus is that clients hope to maintain sobriety for the long-term. This is understandable after investing in drug and alcohol rehab.

Through ongoing commitment, work and focus, you can maintain sobriety on an independent scale. Yet there are some steps which will need to be completed in order to reduce drug and alcohol exposure and relapse risks.

The first thing you can do is to change your lifestyle to reflect health and positivity.

Considering your environments, your hobbies, your nutrition, your self-care and your relationships is very important. Adaptations to your lifestyle can control the level of exposure you have to drugs and alcohol.

Secondly, embracing the offering of aftercare services will be recommended. Here you’ll have a structure in place, guided by professionals, to help you keep in touch with your motivations and intentions to remain sober. Aftercare services will be available for when you return to Leamington Spa.

Lastly, by leaning on your relapse prevention plan, you’ll have a strategy in place to avoid or work through high-risk relapse situations. This is a valuable tool to reduce the future impacts of drugs and alcohol, and their normalised image.

Understanding the ins and outs of rehab is a positive way to reduce your feelings of anxiety.

Contact our team to decide whether our offering can support you greater than a drug and alcohol rehab in Leamington Spa.