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A lot of individuals across the United Kingdom will be able to live out their lives consuming alcohol at a harmless level.

However, there are many individuals, from the Evesham area, who find themselves developing an alcohol addiction and/or drug addiction and therefore need a professional residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre’s assistance — and you will be air pushed to find a more consistently successful rehab treatment programme than those which Nova Recovery provide.

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The majority of people can simply believe that an addiction is something that you overcome quite simply just by stopping consuming drugs and/or alcohol.

Although, breaking free from an addiction cycle is much more difficult than that. Addiction can cause an individual’s brain chemistry to be completely altered, physically changing the neurological pathways which lead to a need to consume narcotics and/or alcohol.

Naturally, breaking down this newly developed neural structure requires professional medical and psychological intervention.

While this may make the idea of overcoming an addictive disorder seem nearly impossible, no addiction is too severely embedded in a person for Nova Recovery’s professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment staff.

Our residential rehab’s various addiction specialists have amassed a tonne of experience in treating all manner of addictive disorders over the course of the years that we have been treating addiction.

Call today, as without seizing the day and physically reaching out to us your addiction will continue to plague your every waking day.

Why Is Attending Residential Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation So Important?

Eliminating the presence of drugs and/or alcohol in your everyday life is one of the best things that you can do for all aspects of your life.

Not only will it mean that you can enjoy a healthier body and mind, but it will also allow you to really connect with those who are dearest to you — as well as engaging more fully with the world around you.

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction can lead to the ruin of many lives and societies across the world each year. However, you simply cannot hope to truly break from an addictive disorder on your own.

You will need the help of a professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre to truly address the psychological and physical barriers that currently stand between you and a life of sobriety.

It is important to remember that there is no shame in asking for help. Addiction is an illness, and as with any illness, you should allow a trained medical professional to help you through this period.

Also, rehab is not just the best way to overcome an addiction but is also a life-changing experience in many respects — primarily as Nova Recovery implement a whole host of holistic treatments in our treatment plans.

Essentially, the core tenet of our highly successful addiction treatment comes down to a physical and psychological, two-pronged approach.

Not only will we dedicate a lot of time to ensuring that you unearth and overcome the inherent psychological issues deep inside you from which your addiction stems, but we will also make sure your body is in the best possible condition and free from negative substances throughout your treatment.

Flushing The Drugs And Alcohol Out Of Your Body

As is only to be expected, the first step of overcoming a drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction is to make sure that there are no more narcotics or alcohol left in your body.

Although, as many addicts who have tried to recovery in the past will know, this is a much more dangerous and involved process than it may seem.

For most people with an addiction, especially long-term addictions, their bodies will have developed a dependency on the substance to which they are addicted.

Therefore, when the substance is no longer present in their body, their body will struggle to function. It is due to this that withdrawal occurs and withdrawal side-effects take hold.

The side-effects associated with alcohol withdrawal and substance abuse withdrawal are varied and unpredictable — and, above all, they can be life-threateningly dangerous.

At Nova Recovery’s addiction recovery hospitals, you can pass through withdrawal at our detoxification clinic. Drug or alcohol detox is a dangerous process, and so you should experience it from the safety and security offer detox clinic within our private hospital.

Not only will we make sure that your health is maintained throughout this process but our staff will also ensure that you are not at risk of relapsing.

Withdrawal is one of the main periods of recovery which can push a person to relapse, and with each time you relapse the process of recovery can get more difficult with more severe withdrawal symptoms.

Long-Term Recovery Requires Psychological Treatment

As alluded to earlier, drug addiction and/or alcoholism can wreak havoc on an individual’s brain chemistry. As such, intense courses of psychological treatments are required if you are to have any hope of living a life of sobriety without relapsing.

Relapse prevention planning will come throughout the course of your addiction treatment. As the name suggests, our staff will help you to work out effective mental techniques which mean you can identify when you’re at risk of relapsing earlier and also find alternatives to substance use that satisfy your brain.

Of course, there is also a large portion of your treatment that will be laser-focused upon the moment, event, or memory which is what turned you to substance abuse in the first place.

Understanding more about what lies at the heart of your addiction can be difficult emotionally, but it is key to forging a long-lasting recovery.

Treatments such as dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), dual-diagnosis therapy, trauma therapy, and family drug support counselling will help your long-term recovery to become a reality.