People coming to terms with the fact that they have an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol have usually reached that conclusion after a rough time. Many feel as if there is no going back or feel unworthy of getting better as they have dismantled their own and other people’s lives.

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If this sounds like you then it’s good you are here and looking to change. No one is beyond help and no addiction is unbeatable. If you have the will to change and fight, then you have given yourself the best weapon in succeeding.

After deciding to attend a drug and alcohol rehab, you may suddenly become paralysed by the choices or not know where to begin. Acting quickly though and getting yourself into treatment before your mind changes is vital to starting the journey to sobriety.

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Can I find a Rehab Near Me?

The first and natural inclination if you are looking for a treatment facility is to find one close to home. Some people don’t feel comfortable, if wanting to go an inpatient rehab, entering one far away from family and friends.

This is a completely understandable mindset and staying in Stratford-Upon-Avon may be the best step for you. The familiarity offered even as you spend time away in a facility may be a comfort and help ease the transition during an overwhelming time in your life.

There are many services available in the Stratford-Upon-Avon area that you can get access to. Reaching out to local organisations and charities, or contacting your GP, would be the best step to finding the help you need closer to home.

Some may be looking to search farther afield for a drug and alcohol rehab.


Choosing Nova Recovery for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

An option that exists is to travel way out of your local area to attend a treatment centre and receive the best care that you deserve. Nova Recovery might just be the perfect place for you to begin your journey to sobriety.

Nova Recovery is a private hospital for mental health and addiction treatments based in Largs, Scotland. Despite being a hospital, Nova Recovery is situated on the idyllic west coast of Scotland close to beaches and beautiful country paths on which to walk. We at Nova Recovery combine a luxurious setting with premier accommodation, industry-leading treatment and round the clock care to provide all our clients with effective addiction treatment.

Entering our private hospital at Nova Recovery gives you the chance to escape the environment that fostered your addiction. Being assured of safety, security and a calming atmosphere you can completely focus on getting better. Moving away for treatment gives you a chance to turn the page on your old life and gain access to resources that may not be available in Stratford-Upon-Avon.


Detoxification Process

At Nova Recovery we believe in dealing with both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, understanding that while the roots are in the mind putting your body through drug and alcohol abuse usually means that it now physically depends on it.

The first step of rehab is undergoing drug or alcohol detox. Detoxification is the process of flushing harmful toxins out of your body and at Nova Recovery this process is medically induced. Specific medications will be given to you to ease the worst of the symptoms you will endure during drug and/or alcohol withdrawal.

At Nova Recovery you will be evaluated to decide on the most suitable detoxification process before it begins. You will always be under the care of medical professionals and being in a hospital you can rest assured that you will be in no danger, despite how scared you may feel.


Therapy Options

The array of therapies we offer to help you understand your addiction and learn techniques to combat it is extensive. The therapies available to you will be dependent on your specific situation, as each treatment plan is personalised to achieve the best result.

The bedrock of your treatment will be one-on-one therapy with a professional that may include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and stress management. This will be complemented by group therapy and activities to encourage socialisation and demonstrate that you are not alone in your struggle.

Nova Recovery also offers comprehensive mental health treatment as we understand that sometimes mental health and addiction are closely intertwined. Dual-diagnosis treatment deals with both mental health and addiction concurrently, ensuring every part of you is cared for during your time at Nova Recovery.


Life Beyond Rehab: Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

The time just after rehab is critical and a period when most relapses occur. Because of this Nova Recovery offers a free 12-month aftercare package to help you through this difficult time.

During your time with us, your progress will be monitored, and an aftercare package is formulated based on your unique situation. The most common aspect of our aftercare packages consists of weekly support meetings where you will have the chance to talk to other people in recovery and an experienced therapist.

If you are not local to Nova Recovery, then we will help you find a centre near you to continue the good work you started in Largs. Aftercare is vital to achieving long-term sobriety and making use of all the good you did with us.


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If you are looking for more information about our addiction recovery hospital in Largs or want to know more about rehab in Stratford-Upon-Avon, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can speak to one of our team by calling 01475 303998 or email us at

We also offer family and friend referral services and family drug support if you are thinking about getting help for someone close to you. Whatever you need, Nova Recovery is here to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is life like after rehab?

The truth is that life after rehab can be hard—especially the first year. Many relapses that occur happen within the first year out of drug and alcohol treatment, as some people think they can deal with returning to old environments and confronting addiction triggers regularly. Because of this, we offer a free 12-month aftercare package to help those just out of rehab. Life after rehab can be fulfilling and clearer without the constant worry of relapse hanging over. That worry might always be there, but with our help and others around, former addicts can learn to deal with the struggle and revitalise their life.

What is outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab means that you remain at your home during treatment and goes to sessions when they can. Those looking to stay within the common cycle of their life usually choose outpatient rehab as it affords them flexibility and they don’t have to take time away from work, family, or school. With outpatient rehab, you will still receive the same high standard care as inpatient rehab but are more likely to come up against daily triggers and temptations. Outpatient rehab has a lower success rate but is the cheaper option and is more suitable for those with milder addictions.

How do I achieve sobriety?

That is a big question that has no set answer. Some (very rare) people can achieve sobriety with no help from anyone, others try many times over many years until they finally succeed. Achieving sobriety is a process that requires commitment and discipline to last a lifetime and the best way to start is by reaching out. Those that ask for help and gain access to drug and alcohol services provided by professionals greatly increase their chances of long-term recovery. There is no shame in asking for help and it is the best step to take.