Unfortunately, there’s a misconception attached to the promotion of rehab as a cure. While this would be the dream, the complexity, and deeply ingrained characteristics of addiction, as a condition, makes such a goal very unrealistic.

There is however a goal that is realistic, which falls close to such freedom, defined as long-term recovery.

Through the right rehab experience, which boasts suitability, reliability, and quality, you can personally embark towards the goal of long-term recovery, especially with our backing here at Nova Recovery.

While you may hope to do so via a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston, we personally cannot vouch for the suitability, as every rehab clinic follows a different approach, subsequently carrying varying degrees of value for individual clients.

Yet we can vouch for private addiction recovery efforts, accessible from our Largs based hospital.

Work towards the next best thing, of a cure, by immersing yourself in the best form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


How likely will I find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Preston?

You may find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Preston to invest in. There is now a wealth of reputable, private rehab clinics located across the UK.

However, we cannot vouch for such services and offerings, as every rehab clinic is different.

There’s a high chance that the processes, the approach, the addiction treatment services, the support and the environments that we promote, will all be different to the next private hospital.

Down to this, if you are looking to remain in Preston, we encourage you to do your research. If you are however open to leaving such an area, we are more than equipped to assist you through residential rehab.

Feel free to contact our team for more information on how suitable our rehab offering will be for your personal needs, known for following a flexible, reliable and a personable approach.


Why is private rehab best?

Private rehab is best as it secures the quality, the processes and the experiences which are required to target a drug and alcohol addiction.

We must remember that addiction can aggravate rapidly, can develop into further health problems, and can develop a significant complexity.

Treating addiction with a consistent, rapid, and reliable approach is therefore very important.

Through alternative forms of treatment, for example via the NHS, with such demand, it can be difficult to reach such security.

Waiting lists are usually long, appointments are regularly moved, and the degree of personalisation can be difficult to offer.

This supports the beneficial service that private drug and alcohol rehab offers, standing as a positive head start towards addiction recovery.

There are other benefits that you can look to encounter by selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Preston, or our private addiction recovery hospital.

Such benefits include the personalisation of treatment programmes, comprehensive programmes from start to finish, and the added assurance of such target steps.

We however take our standards one step further through our specialism for mental health recovery, helping you return to Preston with even strong chances of sustainable recovery.


Will private rehab cure me?

No form of rehab will cure you of addiction. This is caused by the multifaceted makeup of addiction, which makes it difficult to treat every individual client.

However, you can come close to such a goal, by withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, by healing mentally, by learning to live without them, and by leading a life that disregards such influence.

Via a suitable private rehab, you can work through such milestones, by completing addiction treatment services, relapse prevention plans, wellbeing programmes and aftercare.

The comprehensive offering of Nova Recovery can secure this goal for you, helping you learn, develop, change, and grow from drug and alcohol abuse.


Will treatment carry on after rehab?

Treatment will have a positive influence on your active experience via drug and alcohol rehab. Down to its value, there’s a chance that treatment will continue, on a post-rehab basis, offered through aftercare.

Aftercare is a general offering via private rehab, which helps to safeguard recovery efforts. Our offering will promote ongoing treatment, such as support groups and therapy, to help our clients maintain structure and routine.

It can also be invaluable through any risks of relapse or crises, to remind clients of their progress this far.

We encourage you to consider aftercare and see it as an ongoing helping hand as you work to normalise a drug and alcohol-free routine back in Preston.

If you do experience any signs of relapse, with a specific focus on drug and alcohol consumption, further treatment may be required to detox and restoration efforts. However, this isn’t definite and can be maintained if you follow professional guidance.


Will I need to keep away from drugs and alcohol?

Reducing your drug and alcohol exposure will be indefinite on a post-rehab basis. Ultimately, it will be in your best interest to avoid as much contact as possible, as exposure can increase relapse risks.

However, depending on the causation of your initial addiction, you may be able to tolerate a degree of exposure.

We must however make it clear that personal consumption will pose a risk when considering your long-term addiction recovery journey.

Whether you invest in a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston, or here at Nova Recovery, you will have invested your energy into and committed to change.

It’s therefore encouraged to avoid regressing such change, by making neglect choices surrounding drug and alcohol exposure.

You may need to make changes to your hobbies, connections, routine, lifestyle, wellbeing, and environment.

Doing so will help to reduce drug and alcohol exposure. It is also inevitable that you will at some point be surrounded by drugs and alcohol.

With a strong relapse prevention plan and a positive outlook, combating such surroundings will be likely.

We appreciate that it may be disheartening to hear that you cannot be cured of addiction. Yet you can personally work towards sober living, and it’s maintained by experiencing private rehab.

Feel confident in the programmes that we offer here at Nova Recovery, to advance you in the right direction of long-term recovery.